Snowstorm of the Century: Moscow is on It, but Damage Grows (PHOTOS)

© Sputnik / Iliya Pitalev / Go to the photo bankSnowfall in Moscow
Snowfall in Moscow - Sputnik International
A record-breaking snow storm has ravaged Moscow for the second day as some 20 thousand are without electricity in three Russian provinces, while snow levels are expected to top 62 centimeters. But of course Russians still think it’s a good thing!

Moscow authorities continue to calculate damage caused by the record-breaking snowstorm, now in its second day. According to Mayor Sergey Sobyanin, the number of fallen trees has grown from about 360 to over 2,000.

Thankfully, there has been only one man killed and several injured as a result of bad weather.

Snowfall in Moscow - Sputnik International
Snow Apocalypse in Moscow: Power Outage, Flight Delays, Casualties
More than 150 flights were delayed in Moscow's three major airports, according to Yandex informational service. Flight dispatch services reported a total of 16 incoming flights diverted from Moscow runways.

In the Moscow and neighboring Kaluga and Vladimir Regions, at least 20 thousand people are without electricity due to damaged power lines, reports.

Local meteorologists consider this epic storm to be the strongest in the history of recorded measurement. On February 4, in a 12 hour period, about 53 percent of the normal monthly precipitation fell. The expected snow layer thickness is estimated to be at least 63 centimeters.

Earlier, weather reports announced that the snow intensity will lessen on Monday. However, Mayor Sobyanin wrote on his VK page that, in light of the latest information, the heavy snow will continue. He called on Moscow citizens to refrain from using personal transport as city transiot workers and some local military units battled the weather.

Despite the inconvenience caused by heavy snow, Moscow citizens, as normal, are enjoying the anomalous weather, evidenced by some of the more interesting Instagram posts.


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