Egyptian-Eritrean Military Axis, "Szeklerland" Threats, US-JP Missiles

Egyptian-Eritrean Military Axis, “Szeklerland” Threats, US-JP Missiles
The recent reports about Egypt’s purported military deployment to Eritrea threaten to spark a multinational conflagration in the powder keg Horn of Africa region.

This week's show begins by talking about how Trump's infamous epithet brought the DACA drama on Capitol Hill to a climax. Then we reference the significance of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas reaffirming that the US can no longer be regarded as a mediator in the country's conflict with Israel. Once that's done, we discuss the implications of the Japanese-US missile deal on Tokyo's rapprochement with Moscow. Afterwards, we draw attention to why the Romanian Prime Minister implied that pro-autonomy Hungarians in the "Szeklerland" region should be hung in their town squares. And finally, our top story of the week is how the recent reports about Egypt's purported military deployment to Eritrea threaten to spark a multinational conflagration in the powder keg Horn of Africa region.

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