World War Trump

World War Trump
Donald Trump's presidency has already changed America and it's in the process of reshaping the world order, but the ultimate outsider has come up against tremendous domestic and international pressure amounting to a multisided asymmetrical war.

First and foremost, his internal opponents have stopped at nothing to smear him with constant fake news attacks and accusations that he's a "racist", "fascist", and "misogynist", but even amidst this "resistance" and the ever-widening RussiaGate probe, Trump still managed to pull off a few crucial victories. One of the first things that he did in office was withdraw the US from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and his revised immigration restrictions eventually passed their legal challenges. Just the other week, his signature tax plan was approved, too.

While things appear to be looking up for Trump on the home front, observers are having much more difficulty assessing his ambitious foreign policy. It's unclear how successful the President has been in "cleaning house" and removing hostile "deep state" elements from the State Department and intelligence agencies, but some of his overseas supporters were concerned that he "sold out" after he ordered a cruise missile strike against the Syrian Arab Army in response to an unclear chemical weapons incident. Trump's stalwart resistance to Iran and unwavering support of Israel were expected because they were pivotal points of his campaign platform, though the President has been unable to fulfill his promise to restore relations with Russia and in some cases even made them worse by seizing its diplomatic property and allowing the Justice Department to designate RT as a "foreign agent".

Elsewhere in the world, Trump took a strong stand against terrorism while visiting Riyadh when he famously ordered Muslim leaders to "drive out" the extremists in their country, which some considered in hindsight as the signal for sparking the still-unresolved Qatar Crisis, and he decided to double down America's military commitment to Afghanistan. The most controversial thing that he's done in office, however, has to be his unilateral recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, which prompted a wave of protests throughout the entire Mideast. Even though Trump has veritably made some positive economic inroads with his country's chief Chinese rival, he's still clashing with it over the South China Sea and North Korea, and his newly unveiled National Security Strategy strongly hints that the US wants to use India to "contain" China.

Altogether, Trump has already made his mark on the American and international stages, but a lot of work still remains to be done if he's to succeed in reshaping the world according to his vision.

Chris Shipler, American political commentator commented on the issue.

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