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High-Profile Swedish LGBT Movement Figure Accused of Paying Underage Boy for Sex

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An unnamed "senior member" of the Swedish LGBT community and former manager of Stockholm Pride has been accused of buying sex from an underage boy. The allegations come in the wake of images being circulated on social media purporting to show screenshots of money transfers to the boy from the man's telephone.

Two confirmed transfers of 400 and 600 Swedish kronor (approx. €40 and €60 respectively) were made, according to the images, reports Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter. The accused has admitted to "sexting", including images, with the boy over the course of two years, the paper goes on to write, only citing information that had been shared with them.

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However, while the former manager confirmed to the Stockholm Pride board both that he had been in contact with the boy as well as the money transfers, he denies having known the boy's age. Dagens Nyheter cites one source as saying that he was unaware of any sexual purpose for the money transfers.

"As far as I understood, he paid for food and clothes, nothing sex-related," said an unnamed source to Dagens Nyheter.

Deep divisions have developed within the Stockholm Pride board as a result of the accusations. Former Chairman Haydar Adelson decided earlier this month to resign from the board, claiming that the LGBT organization should have taken more decisive steps in response to the situation.

"I think he should have been removed immediately and that we should have made a police report," writes Adelson in an e-mail, cited by Dagens Nyheter.

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According to the Swedish newspaper, in conjunction with his resignation, Adelson filed a police report against the accused man himself, stating that it is important for police to determine what is true or untrue regarding the issue.

The person in question denies the allegations, however, claiming that the boy had said he was 18.

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"I deny to the fullest that there has been any purchase of sex. The guy purported to be 18 on Qruiser (an online LGBT community) when we got in contact, and only admitted much later that he was only 16," the accused told the Swedish LGBT magazine QX.

While the accused says that he has pressed charges for "aggravated defamation" against the person who has made the allegations against him, the Stockholm Pride board decided to terminate collaboration and has dismissed the manager from his position, reports Dagens Nyheter.

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