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'Release The Kraken!' Octopuses Are Smarter Than They Seem

© Photo : Youtube/SputnikOctopi Are Way Smarter Than You Think
Octopi Are Way Smarter Than You Think - Sputnik International
Did you know how clever these marine invertebrates are? Considered to be the first intelligent creatures on Earth, octopuses have a powerful nervous system and a great cognitive complexity. They can solve mazes, open jars and use tools.

Octopuses possess a diverse arsenal of incredible survival skills and tactics meant to outsmart and flee from predators. According to scientists, they even have their own forms of short- and long-term memory and the ability to distinguish things from people.

The common octopus has a whopping 500 million neurons, which is, for example, five times more than in a hamster. But while most of neurons of mammals are concentrated in their heads, an octopus's nervous system is spread throughout its body — about two-thirds of its neurons are in its tentacles.

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