‘Punk Hillary’ Sets Off Watch Dogs. Literally

© Twitter screengrabBoth Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are depicted in satirical paintings by Florida artist Scott Scheidly.
Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are depicted in satirical paintings by Florida artist Scott Scheidly. - Sputnik International
Security guards at the annual Art Miami fair became alarmed after sniffer dogs indicated something amiss inside a participant’s bag. No bombs were found, thankfully, but what they saw next was pretty amusing.

The Art Miami exhibition was briefly shut down after security dogs reacted to a bag held by a participant. Anticipating something dangerously nefarious, security personnel were instead bemused by a satirical painting of former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

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Entitled "Punk Hillary," the offending painting depicted the former presidential candidate with pink hair, dressed in a studded leather jacket with pink leopard spots and decorated with anti-Trump badges, including two patches creating the phrase "A Global Threat." The painting was housed in a pink neon frame.

Two tents — Art Miami and Context, a ‘sister art fair' — were shut down in precaution after the dog warning, as security officers ran the painting through x-ray, but found no suspicious substances.

"We had to err on the side of caution," claimed Art Miami director Nick Korniloff. Both tents were reopened some two hours later.

The punk-themed painting was accompanied by a similar piece entitled "Trump Pimp," depicting the president in a red zebra hat and matching tuxedo, wearing a massive golden dollar sign on a chain. The satirical painting of Trump was reportedly hanging in place when the canine alert occured.

​According to the Miami Herald, both artworks were done by the same Orlando-based artist: Scott Scheidly, and both were available for a mere $4,000. According to the paper, both artworks went to the same bidder.

​Scheidly has painted numerous world leaders and pop culture figures in a satirical manner, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, former US President Barack Obama, Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler and England's longest-reigning monarch: Queen Elizabeth II.

Florida-based gallery owner Ken Hashimoto stated that police were unsure what caused the dogs to react so strongly, the Herald reported.

"They have no idea," he said, laughingly adding that: "My thought is [that it was] a Republican bomb dog."

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