Switch From Sleeping Pills to Making Love: Sex Before Bedtime Can Cure Insomnia

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Sex and sleep are among people’s most basic needs, essential for their overall health, and it turns out these two “components” can provide more benefits when “used” in the right order. Having sex before going to bed can ensure a good night's sleep, Australian researchers at Central Queensland University have proved.

In a new study, a team of researchers from CQUniversity Adelaide revealed one secret for a better night's sleep, and it relies on making love before bed and reaching mutual satisfaction. More than 460 people  aged between 18-70 opened up about their experiences and shared through a confidential survey what they usually do before bed and how they sleep after that.

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"What we found was 64 per cent of our respondents indicated they slept better when sex was with a partner and it involves an orgasm," said Dr. Michele Lastella, who led the research. In addition, those who opted for self-pleasure also slept better — half of them noted falling asleep more easily.

According to Dr. Lastella, sex produces "a biochemical cocktail" in people's bodies, which includes an increase in oxytocin and prolactin and a decrease in the production of stress hormone cortisol. This mixture of hormones can leave us feeling quite relaxed and acts as a sedative to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep.

In addition, the authors of the study are sure that sex before bedtime helps people stop thinking about their problems and makes them put away their mobile devices, which on contrary decreases the quality of sleep.

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