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Aliens? Weapon Test? Canadian Fireball Mystery Likely Solved (VIDEO)

© Photo : Youtube / thevergeMysterious fireball with burning sparks falling off spotted blazing across sky leaving eyewitne
Mysterious fireball with burning sparks falling off spotted blazing across sky leaving eyewitne - Sputnik International
Amid a whole lot of speculations over what the intriguing streaks of fire in the Canadian sky actually were, the truth appears to have come to light.

The spectacular illumination seen over a rural Canadian  area late Friday had more likely to do with a rocket booster re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere after it took the spacecraft to the International Space Station, as reported by CBC.

A day later, The American Meteor Society officially reported 11 sightings and the videos of the intriguing illumination promptly sparked speculation over whether it was a helicopter, or alternatively a comet or, even aliens.

However, Eric Briggs, a volunteer with the Royal Astronomic Society of Canada, said it was more likely the re-entry of a rocket part.

"I'd expect to see something flying from west to east, faster than an aircraft at high altitude with a trail following behind it and it appearing to break up into pieces," said Briggs, who witnessed the re-entry of a Russian spacecraft component from the Dunlap Observatory in Richmond Hill, Ontario, about 13 years ago.

Briggs, like other North American enthusiasts, has pieced together the bright light seen on the prairies with the timing and location of the movement of the Antares rocket, propelling the Cygnus spacecraft to the International Space Station. The US Strategic Command and the Orbital ATK, which produced the Antares, confirmed the supposition, CBC reported:

​On Friday night, western Canada witnessed a slowly moving streak of fire, illuminating the sky over Saskatchewan and Alberta, which made residents feel both surprised and scared. Residents said the "fireball" was visible for around 20 seconds.

The video, made at almost midnight local time in the George Gordon First Nation area in Saskatchewan, now boasts a staggering 35,000 viewings. 

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