Search Engine Censorship: Google Steers Users Toward Establishment Sites

Search Engine Censorship: Google Steers Users Toward Establishment Sites
Silicon Valley Giant Google Confirms It Tilts Search Results Away From Independent News And Non-Establishment News Sources.

On this episode of "Fault Lines," hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan discuss admitted bias and censorship by Google, the most-used search engine. This in addition to troubling allegations of invasions of privacy by Google such as a report by Nathan Newman writing in the Huffington Post in 2015 that stated: "Google's illegal ‘wi-spy' program of collecting user data over home wi-fi hubs using its Street View cars has led to investigations and fines for violations of the law in countries around the world. Investigators were outraged when they reviewed the downloaded data and found Google had collected massive amounts of personal emails and data revealing everything from people's medical histories to their sexual preference to marital infidelity."

Is Google (and are other tech titans like Twitter and Facebook) unaccountable and too powerful? What can users do to protect themselves from bias, spying, and other abuses? Are there better alternatives?

Garland and Lee will also discuss long simmering and newly developing allegations against the Clintons-including sexual assault charges against Bill Clinton and possible findings from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Investigation. Meanwhile, Charlie Rose joins the lengthening list of government officials, media and entertainment personalities, business leaders, and others accused of abusing power and influence to demand sexual favors.

The hosts and guests will analyze top news stories and issues including the rebooted Poor Peoples Movement; Aggressive policies by Saudi leaders including a domestic purge and the war on Yemen; Corporate and Financial Corruption; the Mainstream Media's biases and failures; and other major news items.

Scheduled guests: Joel Segal — National Director, Justice Action Mobilization Network, Former Speech Writer for Rep. John Conyers topic: Poor People's Movement; Ted Rall — award winning columnist, editorial cartoonist, and author topic: mainstream media's many flaws; Ed Klein — Longtime Investigative Journalist and Author, topic: His New Book and Sexual Assault Accusations against Bill Clinton; Medea Benjamin — co-founder of Code Pink, author of "Kingdom of the Unjust" topic: Saudi Arabian aggression in the Middle East; Lucy Komisar — Investigative Journalist focusing on Corporate and Financial Corruption, topic: Bill Browder and The Magnitsky Act; Michael Goodwin — NY Post Columnist topic: the Clintons and Mueller Investigation.

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