Asset Grabbing the NHS: Land, Budget & Data

Asset grabbing the NHS: Land, budget & data
On today’s episode of Double Down, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert are joined by Dr Bob Gill to discuss the three pronged asset grab of the UK’s National Health Service.

What if the economic murder of 120,000 residents of the UK in the name of ‘efficiency' is not reported on the BBC? Have the 120,000 excess deaths happened at all? Dr Bob Gill, a doctor in the NHS and producer of the documentary film, The Great NHS Heist, argues that unless the BBC, the national broadcaster in the UK, covers the story, many don't know it is happening at all. So while the privatization and stripping away of the social safety net happens without coverage, the UK is also selling of patient data to the likes of Google's DeepMind without patient consent. Dr Gill argues that there are three major assets up for grabs in the NHS: land, budget and data. And DeepMind is the latter.

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