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WATCH: Uber Driver Gets Tips Stolen By Money-Grabbing Passenger

© Screenshot/MB TVUber passenger caught stealing from driver's tip jar on dashcam
Uber passenger caught stealing from driver's tip jar on dashcam - Sputnik International
It's a hard life out there for Uber drivers: you might get stuck driving a rude customer or one that selfishly steals your hard-earned tips. Unfortunately for one guy working in the concrete jungle of New York City, he encountered the latter.

En route from point A to point B, the unsuspecting Uber driver was commuting a group of three friends when all of a sudden one of the women shamelessly dived into his tip jar. The fierce-browed woman wasn't going in to drop some change, though.

​Though it's unclear whether the woman was directly looking into the dash cam recorder or just the rearview mirror (to see if the driver was looking), the act was shady.

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Seemingly unaware of the robbery that's just taken place, the driver only realizes what's happened after spotting a rather empty jar from the corner of his eye. But, it was too late — the thief was gone and the driver was left penniless.

Rightfully upset, a complaint to Uber was filed by the aggrieved driver.

"We understand your frustration with this experience," Uber said in a letter, obtained by the Daily Mail, to the driver. "We've attempted to contact the rider by phone and email, but haven't been able to resolve this issue."

And yet, according to the letter, the caught-on-camera-thief told the car-share company that "she didn't steal [the driver's] cash from the tip jar."

Uber then suggested the robbed driver "initiate a formal investigation via the police," to which the driver told the Daily Mail that he'd been too busy with work to do so.

But there is some solace to be had — in a statement to the Daily Mail Tuesday, Uber revealed that the woman has been banned from the company's ride-calling app after the August incident.

"What's been shown has no place on our app and the rider's access to the app has been removed," the spokesperson said. No word on when exactly the yellow skirt-wearing passenger was kicked to the curb, though.

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