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Burying Neoliberalism Before It Buries Us

John is joined by Professor Steve Keen to get to the root of the many social and political problems facing Europe and the world today, which can be traced back to the fundamental flaws in our neoliberal economic system. These problems, as John and Steve discuss, are fueling today movements for self-determination, such as in Catalonia, Spain.

Steve Keen is one of the most eminent and prestigious economists in the world today, whose work and writings on the inner workings of neoliberalism has earned him a formidable reputation. In this program he outlines the structural weaknesses and contradictions of neoliberal economics, and how the response of the economic elites and governments which govern in their interests to the 2008 global recession has only made matters worse, sowing mounting inequality, poverty, and human despair.

Steve Keen not only understands the nature of the disease, he also has a prescription when it comes to the cure. The question is: will those in power listen before it is too late and we find ourselves pushed into the abyss either of the kind of societal collapse that has occurred in the Middle East, or in the West experiencing the continuing erosion of social cohesion under the weight of the polarization and social antagonisms which in recent years have been on the rise, evidenced in the surge in support for separatism and nationalist parties and politics?

This is one episode that is not to be missed.

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