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Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak: We Should Be Friends With Thinking Machines

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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak during his visit to Moscow spoke about how robots may become a great asset to humanity and why we should not be afraid of them. Wozniak also praised block chain technology and explained why it is such a vital innovation for humanity.

“Don’t be scared off” by claims that robots may destroy humanity, “as a matter of fact, you should… [make] artificial intelligence work better and better to help humans,” Wozniak said during Moscow’s NAUKA 0+ festival.

Scientists such as Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk have warned about the dangers of artificial intelligence, but Wozniak said, “I know where [Hawking and Musk] are coming from, but I changed my mind.”

 “I thought out the physical realities, what we would have to do to make machines that are truly dangerous to humankind, and there are too many steps in the way. And one of the biggest is that we don’t know how the human brain really works,” he said.

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Even if machines with human-like artificial brains are created, there are means to avoid confrontation with them, according to the scientist.

He further said that computers if they ever acquired feelings and a conscience shouldn’t feel mortality. 

“They shouldn’t feel that ‘humans will unplug me or erase my memories.’ No, we should always be their best friend,” Wozniak said.

During the festival, he also expressed hope that mankind has become more estranged from politics to study and use the human brain more actively.

"I would love to see us become dispersed and separated farther from politics to use the brain more," Wozniak said, adding that the studies in this field may result in advances in the sphere of creating artificial intelligence.

Block chain technology

Talking about other important study fields, Wozniak said that block chain technology is going to have a huge application in medicine, banking and personal life.

"Another thing I like about block chain technology is the fact that it's not centralized and controlled. … It’s like classes that are taught with no direct instructor. The students collaborate with themselves and go online and learn what they need to learn. … It’s not like you have to go through a structure, get approval, pay all the gatekeepers along the way and I like this very much that block chain technology is spread out everywhere. … It’s not in one place," Wozniak added.

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