WATCH: Rains Flood Kansas City Streets, Residents Stuck On Rooftops

© AP Photo / KCTV5 / Rains Flood Kansas City Streets, Residents Stuck On Rooftops
Rains Flood Kansas City Streets, Residents Stuck On Rooftops - Sputnik International
Torrential downpour leaves slew of Missouri residents stranded after heavy rains creeped in Monday night going into early Tuesday morning.

Rescue crews have responded to more than 272 water-related calls since 10 o'clock Monday night, when parts of the Kansas City region were hit with more than 9 inches of rain, according to The Kansas City Star.

One unlucky traveler was left stuck on the roof of their car as they waited to be rescued…

​…while a family of seven wound up escaping to the roof of their home.

​According to the Overland Park Fire Department, the family was able to leave the roof once the water receded. However, crews are currently waiting for water levels to drop even further before evacuating the family of three adults, four children and their pets.

​In all this mess, one woman was even left clinging to a tree for dear life after nearby Indian Creek flooded the area. Kansas City firefighters were later able to retrieve the woman.

​"She was able to extract herself from the car but as she did, the car actually flipped over on its side and pinned her against the tree and she was able to climb up the tree as the car moved." Jeff Johnson, Kansas City Fire Department chief, told local station WDAF.

With Missouri's Indian Creek rising over 17 feet, the historic flooding made all roads within the greater Kansas City metro area impassable after it was dealt three rounds of heavy rain.

​Deemed worse than the flooding residents witnessed July 27, officials in Miami County confirmed the death of a 56-year-old man who drove into high water early Tuesday morning, the Star reported.

The National Weather Service issued a flash flood emergency again Tuesday as water levels continued to rise. A total of 6,000 homes and business were reported to be without power.

The region has accumulated a total of 20 to 25 inches of rain over the past 30 days, the agency added.

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