I’m Melting! Animals at the Oregon Zoo Get Creative in Beating the Heat

With temperatures expected to get above 105 degrees Fahrenheit (40.5 C), officials at the Oregon Zoo are doing anything and everything to keep their animal friends safe and cool.

"We’re slightly better off than most since we’re at a higher elevation and nestled among the tall trees of Washington Park," Sheri Horiszny, the zoo’s deputy director, said in a press release. "But even so, this week is going to be a scorcher."

Zookeepers have added cool down centers for both animals and visitors. While some of the park’s inhabitants have their own indoor areas to which they can retreat, others have their own pools and water features. 

"Elephant Lands has two pools – one of them 160,000 gallons," Horiszny added. "Plus shade structures with misters, a water cannon and a climate-controlled indoor space, Forest Hall, where the caregivers can actually make it ‘rain’ inside."

Of course, another option is to do a couple of cannon balls or just chill in an ice bath like a certain otter and polar bear have opted for. 

Stay cool, guys!

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