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The Incredible Maverick: US Political Elite Adopts McCain's Language

© AP Photo / Matt YorkUS Sen. John McCain
US Sen. John McCain - Sputnik International
Despite the fact that Senator McCain’s views aren’t very popular in the American society, a significant part of the US political elite still considers them quite relevant.

In this May 30, 2016, photo, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz, speaks during a Phoenix Memorial Day Ceremony at the National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona in Phoenix. - Sputnik International
McCain Claims WH 'Playing Into Putin's Hands' by Ending CIA Syria Rebels Program
US Senator John McCain declared that he intends to return to politics after he recovers from his brain surgery.

It should be noted that earlier the senator was diagnosed with brain cancer and that he and his family are currently considering the available options for further treatment.

Political analyst Victor Olevich told Radio Sputnik that Senator McCain holds a rather peculiar set of views about foreign and domestic issues which causes his fellow Republicans to regard him as an unorthodox politician.

"McCain was always a hawk when it came to foreign policy and openly called for military action against a number of countries: he advocated bombing Iran, proposed using US troops to depose Syrian leader Bashar Assad and called to ramp up the anti-Russian measures. Such views obviously attract the support of the US military-industrial complex. But when it comes to domestic issues he adopts a much more liberal stance. This is why he’s considered an unorthodox politician by other Republicans," he said.

And as Olevich explained, while McCain’s views are becoming less and less popular in the American society, they are still quite attractive to the US political elite.

"McCain always presents himself as a war hero and a patriot. However, considering that the economic situation in the US continues to deteriorate and that the latest US military adventures, including the one in Iraq, ended poorly. So McCain’s radical views on foreign policy are met with growing anger and lack of understanding from certain parts of American society. Meanwhile, as the anti-Russian hysteria in the US continues to develop, more and more American politicians are beginning to speak the language of John McCain. This aggressive Russophobic language that was used by McCain for many years became a lingua franca of the US political elite," the analyst surmised.

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