'Space Age Technology': Why Russia's T-90 Tank is Taking Over the World

© Sputnik / Maksim Blinov / Go to the photo bankA T-90 tank shoots during a demo exercise at Alabino base (File)
A T-90 tank shoots during a demo exercise at Alabino base (File) - Sputnik International
The newest export version of Russia's T-90 is rightly believed to be the world's best battle tank in terms of combat effectiveness, quality and price. This was once again confirmed by a recent deal between Moscow and Tehran to supply a "large batch" of modernized T-90MS tanks to Iran.

This picture released by the official website of the Iranian Defense Ministry on Sunday, March 12, 2017, shows domestically manufactured tank called Karrar in an undisclosed location in Iran. - Sputnik International
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It is only natural that Iran decided to buy a "large batch" of Russian T-90MS tanks, Russian political analyst Alexander Khrolenko wrote in his article for RIA Novosti.

Earlier, Russia's Uralvagonzavod defense contractor said that the first shipment of 73 tanks is scheduled to be delivered to Iran before the end of this year.

The T-90MS is the newest export version of the T-90AM tank which uses the same types of munition as the T-90. The munition includes fragmentation shells with a remote blasting which makes it possible to effectively destroy enemy personnel.

"The effectiveness and reliability of Russian weaponry are especially appreciated by Middle Eastern customers, and as for the T-90, it is considered the best tank on the international market," Khrolenko wrote, referring to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait which he said are considering purcasing T-90MS tanks.

The main competitive advantage of the T-90 abroad is believed to the tank's striking range. Its 125-mm gun D-81 TM (2A46) is integrated with the fire control system which takes into account a multitude of parameters, including the deformation of the barrel from heating.

Experts also appreciate the T-90's Shtora active protection system and laser-controlled anti-tank missiles of the Reflex-M (9K119M) complex, capable of penetrating homogenous armor thicker than 700 millimeters, according to Khrolenko.

The T-90MS boasts steering control and automatic gear shifting, with the possibility of switching to manual control. It improves the speed and maneuverability of the tank as well as reduces its fuel consumption and minimizes the fatigue of the driver who can use a combined TV-thermal imager for night vision.

Khrolenko recalled that the T-90MS's turret module accommodates two of the three crew members, the commander and the gunner. The turret is equipped with an automated weapons control system, plasma panels of instruments, a panoramic sight and 360 degree video surveillance.

"Even though the tank employs space age technology, it does not diminish the efficiency and reliability of the T-90 in severe operating conditions. This is appreciated by customers in Asia and the Middle East, where the main export flows of Uralvagonzavod's products are directed," he pointed out.

Meanwhile, the creators of the best tanks in the world are focused on the T-90's robotic future. The unmanned T-90 version will receive a modern "technical vision" system, thanks to which the operator will remotely control the tank and all of its weapon systems, he said.

The T-90 tank - Sputnik International
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Using radar systems, laser range finders and multispectral video installed outside a T-90 tank, a commander of the robotic tank platoon (company) will be able to navigate the battlefield, take control of unmanned tanks and destroy targets, Khrolenko explained, adding that Uralvagonzavod has already started to deal with robotizing the T-90.

Earlier, Russian military expert Viktor Murakhovsky told Sputnik that "at present there are no targets on the battlefield that the Russian tanks [T-90] could not destroy."

"The T-90 is already successfully using guided missiles launched through the barrel; in this regard, a high-precision missile with a range of up to five kilometers can be described as a sort of [the T-90's] 'high-precision hand'," Murakhovsky said.

He was echoed by another Russian expert, Dmitry Litovkin, who in an interview with Sputnik described the T-90 as "the most modern Russian battle tank which is capable of destroying armored targets, including low-flying enemy helicopters."

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