Cut & Run: Wife Snips Husband’s Penis After Arguing, Carries It to Parent’s Home

Here ye, here ye: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

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A woman from the Indian town of Gudiyattam was arrested by Tamil Nadu police on Friday for allegedly slashing off her husband’s penis. 

"We arrested the woman today when she was on her way to her parents' house in V Kotta," MT Irudhyaraj, the police inspector, told the Times of India. "She was carrying in her purse the chopped off part of her husband's genitals."

Identified as Sarasu, police indicated the 30-year-old wife committed the over-the-top act after the couple had a heated argument over her husband’s alleged extramarital affairs on Thursday night. 

Married for 14 years, the couple separated for nearly a year due to their frequent back-and-forth accusations of infidelity and the ensuing fights. Sarasu and her husband, Jagadeesan, had reunited at their Lingundram home after their 13-year-old son requested his mother return for his birthday.

"She came to the birthday celebration of their son on July 17," noted the inspector. "Her son requested her to stay with their father, and she agreed."

While the troubled couple tried to mend their relationship, the children stated at their paternal grandparents’ home, added the inspector.

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Two days later, Jagadessan arrived home to his wife, inebriated. The fighting and cheating accusations quickly resumed, along with taunts that Sarasu, a mother of four, was getting too old for his tastes. 

"He also repeatedly told his wife that she had grown old and he was going to get married to another woman," the inspector said, explaining Sarasu’s claims. Sarasu responded by shouting at her husband for bringing his side chicks to their home while they were separated. 

"The wordy quarrel continued till 2 a.m. on Thursday and he went to sleep," A Krishnamoorthy, a special sub-inspector, told the Times of India. "Around 3 a.m., Sarasu brought a sharp knife from the kitchen and cut off her husband’s penis and left the house with the chopped-off part."

The battered husband was later taken to a local hospital after neighbors heard his screams. After being transferred to Government Vellore Medical College Hospital, officials said he was no longer in danger and "recovering well."

As for his wife, she’s in judicial custody and has been charged with using filthy language, voluntarily causing grievous hurt by dangerous weapons or means, and threatening with dire consequences. 

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