Western Attempts to Incite Persian Gulf States 'Could Provoke New World War'

© AP Photo / Kamran JebreiliA Qatari woman walks in front of the city skyline in Doha, Qatar.
A Qatari woman walks in front of the city skyline in Doha, Qatar. - Sputnik International
Commenting on the recent developments in the Persian Gulf and the remarks of Bahrain's Foreign Minister Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed al-Khalifa towards Qatar, Turkish security expert Abdullah Agar explained to Sputnik that these are clear attempts of the West to pit the countries in the region against each other, which could provoke a new world war.

On Monday, Bahrain's Foreign Minister Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed al-Khalifa accused Qatar of creating a military escalation in the region, in an apparent reference to Turkey's increased military presence in Doha.

"Bringing in foreign armies and their armored vehicles is the military escalation that Qatar has created,' the Bahraini top diplomat said in his message on Twitter, however without mentioning Turkey.

​In his other messages, Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed al-Khalifa urged Qatar "to end its political dichotomy" and make its choice.

"There is a contradiction in Qatar’s policy. Either compliance with the regional (GCC) system and its joint and bilateral defense treaties with the major international ally or regional interference," he posted.

Checkpoint on the closed border between Qatar and Saudi Arabia - Sputnik International
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"Making unilateral alliances with countries outside the regional system and with terrorist organizations, such as the Muslim Brotherhood and others, strikes at the foundations of its commitment with the brothers in the GCC," said another Tweet.

"There is a need to choose between agreements with the brothers and allies on the one hand and the emergency regional interferer on the other. Qatar cannot have both,” Bahrain's Foreign Minister concluded.

Sputnik Turkiye discussed the issue with Abdullah Agar, Turkish expert on security and counterterrorism issues, a former operative of the Turkish special forces, who said that Bahrain is apparently acting on the order of Saudi Arabia, but within the regional plans of the West.

However, due to the Syrian crisis, among others, a new configuration of powers is being formed in the region, which is clearly of anti-Western nature. In such a situation any Western interference might provoke a new world war.

"With regards to the remarks of Bahrain's Foreign Minister we should take into account that Bahrain is acting on the order of Saudi Arabia but within the plans of the West to remodel and redraw the Middle East," Abdullah Agar told Sputnik.

"However Turkey's and Iran's stance on the Qatari crisis differs radically from the stance of the thirteen countries which are currently hostile to Qatar. There are evident attempts of the West to pit the countries in the region against each other," he said.

Turkish APC drives at their military base in Doha, Qatar June 18, 2017. Picture taken June 18, 2017 - Sputnik International
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The expert further explained that for a long time the western countries have been trying to drag Turkey into the growing regional tensions by presenting it, with the help of the public diplomacy, as a country which is lining up its foreign policy on confessional, faith based basis, regardless the fact that it is counter to the will of the Turkish people and the national mindset of the Turkish Republic.

Turkey, he said, is interested in the solution of the regional problems and this aim is shared by Iran, which apparently can't satisfy the West, which in every way tries to provoke a large-scale protracted conflict in the region.

"Turkish-Iranian rapprochement, which is being facilitated by Russia's efforts, is encouraging the setup of a new configuration of powers in the region amid the ongoing Syrian and Qatari crises. This configuration of powers is becoming more and more anti-Western due to destructive actions and threats of the West," Abdullah Agar finally stated.

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