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By Supporting Kurds, the US Tries to Set Up the 'Second Israel'

© AFP 2021 / AHMAD AL-RUBAYEA flag of the autonomous Kurdistan region flies as Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighters take position to monitor the area from their front line post in Bashiqa, a town 13 kilometres north-east of Mosul (File)
A flag of the autonomous Kurdistan region flies as Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighters take position to monitor the area from their front line post in Bashiqa, a town 13 kilometres north-east of Mosul (File) - Sputnik International
Commenting on the recently revived calls for an independent Kurdistan and on the announced referendum on the issue, which is to be held in Iraq on September 25, Turkish politician and lawyer Dogu Perincek told Sputnik Turkiye that thus the US, which supports the Kurds, it trying to set up the second Israel.

Iraqi Kurdish demonstrators wave a large Kurdish flag (File) - Sputnik International
UK Against Iraqi Kurdistan’s Plans to Hold Referendum on Independence
On June 7, Masoud Barzani, an Iranian-born Iraqi Kurdish politician, the President of the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional government, announced that a referendum for an independent Kurdistan will be held in Iraq on September 25.

An independent Kurdish state is a long-cherished goal for most Kurds, who are spread over mainly four countries: Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria, making it the largest stateless nation in the world.

According to the US-based website Al-Monitor, which reports on the developments in the Middle East, another goal, which is accompanying the dream of an independent state, is acquiring the disputed territories ranging from Sinjar to the west of Mosul up to Khanaqin on the Iran border, including the southeastern oil-rich province of Kirkuk.

Turkish politician and lawyer, the chairman of the left-wing nationalist Patriotic Party Dogu Perincek commented to Sputnik Turkiye on the initiative, calling it an "effort of a block of powers headed by the US and Israel."

"As the US is trying to make up for the weakening of its positions in the region, it is deeper sticking in the mud of the regional animosities. The US is trying to implement its plan on the set-up of the second Israel by supporting the Kurds and their idea of an independent state," he told Sputnik.

Iraqi Kurdish youths wave a national flag as they stand above a giant flag of Kurdistan during celebrations of Flag Day on December 17, 2015 - Sputnik International
Ankara Urges Kurdistan to Reconsider Independence Referendum Plans
The Turkish politician however added that this plan has no chances for the implementation as the US is being confronted by such countries as Turkey, Iran, Russia and Iraq.

Dogu Perincek also commented on the US' policy in the region, calling it a "Middle Eastern reckless venture" which resulted in a loss of $16 trillion and did not bring any dividends.

"US President Trump personally said about it.  The so-called "deep state" (the term often referred to shadow governments) made Trump its prisoner, thus he is unable to pursue his foreign policy plan," Perincek told Sputnik.

The Turkish politician explained that Trump's initial purpose was a more passive policy in the Middle East, as a counter to the intensified pressure on Germany and China. However he was not allowed to implement it.

Iraqi Kurdish girls carry a Kurdistan flag during the celebration of Flag Day in the northern city of Arbil, the capital of the autonomous Kurdish region in northern Iraq - Sputnik International
Iraqi Kurdistan Intends to Hold Independence Referendum September 25
Dogu Perincek said that there is a serious internal political struggle going on in the US, due to which Washington is losing its influence in the region.

He also said that he is not surprised that the US has chosen Qatar as its target, noting that the very next day it may choose Saudi Arabia as the scapegoat.

In such conditions, Turkey's foreign policy steps become of primarily importance. Ankara has already set up its relationship with Russia, now it should extend a hand of friendship to Syria to be able to jointly confront the US, the Turkish politician concluded.

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