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US Media's Use of Anonymous Sources Becomes a Meme

Apparently tired of the methods employed by certain US media agencies, Internet users are mocking and parodying CNN’s reports on Russian activity and the use of anonymous sources.

It seems that the US media's valiant attempts to uncover traces of Moscow's alleged meddling in US internal affairs, as well as their arbitrary use of anonymous sources to back their claims, have finally triggered a feedback from the audience – though perhaps not the kind of feedback the journalists were hoping for.

A Reddit user named King_of_Connaught posted a picture parodying a CNN report which claims that Russia may have ties to Russia.

© Photo : Reddit / screenshotThe original Reddit parody
The original Reddit parody - Sputnik International
The original Reddit parody

The image quickly became popular and spawned a number of parodies, as netizens sought to express their opinion on the media’s hunt for ties with Russia and the use of anonymous sources.

For example, one of them brought to light a shocking 'revelation' that Russia provides funding to an armed force known as the Russian Army.

Another 'discovered' that none other than Vladimir Putin may have ties to Russia, if anonymous sources are to be believed.

During the last few months a number of US media outlets published reports about the alleged ties between Trump administration officials and Russian intelligence, often using unnamed anonymous sources to substantiate these claims.

Both the White House and Kremlin have repeatedly denied the allegations, and Moscow insists that the Russian government never meddles in the domestic affairs of other nations.

Currently, there are several investigations underway in the US into Trump’s alleged ties to Russia.

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