Maverick in the Air! The Reason Behind McCain's Attacks on Russia

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US Sen. John McCain - Sputnik International
As US Senator John McCain publicly labeled Russia a greater threat to the world that Daesh (ISIL/ISIS), it has become apparent that he is in fact the personification of a serious crisis within the Republican party.

Arizona Senator John McCain - Sputnik International
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Earlier Senator McCain said during an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Company that while Daesh pose a serious threat and can do a lot of harm, it was Russia that had jeopardized democracy by allegedly interfering in last year's election in the US.

"I view the Russians as by far greatest challenge that we have," McCain declared.

He also singled out Russian President Vladimir Putin as the "most important threat," even greater than Daesh.

Russian political scientist Boris Mezhuyev told Sputnik Radio however that despite all his flamboyance, McCain has essentially become the symbol of a serious crisis within the US Republican party.

"Even back in the 1990s when McCain advocated the bombing of Belgrade it became apparent that he became the striking embodiment of the US military-industrial complex. Hollywood satire becomes obsolete when you have this man. Unfortunately, in this particular case farce turned into tragedy. No longer at the peak of his influence, McCain cannot be considered as a serious contender for presidency or even as a shadow power broker of sorts. However, he is a symbol of degradation," Mezhuyev explained.

The analyst also added that McCain’s popularity stems from the fact at certain points in human history there is a considerable demand for such a character – the more grotesque and cartoonish they are, the better.

"There can be no rational explanation to his actions. It is that very irrational Russophobia that we often talk about," Mezhuyev said.

It should be noted that this is far from the first time when McCain has acknowledged the deep and strong feelings he harbors for Russia.

For example, during an interview with Fox News on May 21 the senator labeled Russian President Vladimir Putin as "a thug and a murderer" while Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was declared a "stooge” and “propagandist."

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