Russian MP Responds to McMaster's Hope for 'Changes' in Moscow's 'Behavior'

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Russian MP Alexei Pushkov believes it's counterproductive to expect from Moscow any "changes in behavior," which US National Security Advisor Herbert McMaster called a key condition for the cooperation between Moscow and Washington.

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According to the US official, Russia and the United States have prospects for cooperation "in key areas." However, he noted that the US is "looking for changes in behavior" on the part of Moscow.

"We need changes in words and the nature of the relationship, but what we really need to see is change in behavior," McMaster told Fox News.

At the same time, Alexei Pushkov believes that such approach is unlikely to bring any positive results.

"McMaster named 'changes in behavior' on the part of Moscow as the main condition for the cooperation between the US and Russia. Well, Obama had been waiting for 5 years, didn't see it come true and left office. Counterproductive approach," Pushkov wrote in his Twitter.

​As McMaster noted during his interview, US relations with Russia in the first 100 days of Trump's presidency have not changed.

"Well, I don't think they've gotten really either better or worse," the politician told Fox News.

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US relations with Russia have been a major topic in the US over the last few months. Trump repeatedly said that Washington should mend ties with Moscow ruined under the Obama administration.

However, instead of improving the strained relationship Trump was forced to fight accusations that his team had illicit dealings with Russia. The Kremlin has always denied these claims, which have not been supported by any hard evidence.

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