Syria: Six Years of Carnage and Chaos

On this episode of Hard Facts, John is joined by Dr Marcus Papadopoulos to discuss and dissect the conflict in Syria after six long years. What has been the role of the West, what of the recent peace talks in Geneva, and does Trump really represent a departure from the status quo in Washington when it comes to Syria?

The fact that the Syrian conflict has now reached its sixth anniversary is an indictment of the role of the West, where the moral sickness of regime change continues to pervade regardless of the catalogue of disasters it has already produced. The Syrian people and the Syrian Arab Army, along with their Iranian, Lebanese, and Russian allies, have managed to save a secular, multicultural and multi-religious society from going the way of Iraq and Libya before it. However the human cost has been monumental, with upwards of 400,000 people killed and around half Syrian population displaced.

John is joined by Dr Marcus Papadopoulos to discuss the role of the West in the conflict and what the future holds for yet another Middle Eastern country torn apart by war.

The only facts worth taking seriously are Hard Facts.

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