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Danish Rock Band Charms Penguins With Antarctic Concert

Penguins are a symbol of cooperation and co-existence and are worthy of some classy entertainment. A Danish rock band decided to treat penguins, Antarctica's "natives", to an icy rock concert.

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Danish rock band and art collective Dansk Fløde ('Danish Cream') recently came home after playing a concert for about two thousand penguins. The only non-penguins among the public were two researchers from a nearby polar station that were present to ensure that the "fans" would not harm themselves.

According to musician, singer and sound designer Bjørn Vidø, who is the group's driving force, the meager-winged birds turned out to be perfectly satisfied with the gig which only lasted 15 minutes.

​"The penguins really liked the music. The penguin kids were especially jumping over to reach us," Bjørn Vidø told Danish newspaper Berlingske.

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The idea of a gig in a barren wasteland of 14 millions square kilometers was to create a universal language through music and promote understanding and cooperation across cultures, as well as raise awareness of climate change.

The video which was uploaded to the band's Facebook page features numerous penguins jogging around rocks or cleaning their feathers to Bjørn Vidø's soothing chords. In a related gimmick, Dansk Fløde brought along a vinyl-cutting machine and thereby produced the world's first ever vinyl from Antarctica.

"Penguin music" is composed at a pace of 90 beats per minute, which is approximately the same as penguins' resting heart rate. The concert was played entirely live without pre-recorded drums or rhythm tracks.

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By Bjørn Vidø's own admission, the idea of the odd gig for the cute flightless birds was inspired by his girlfriend's grandfather who in 1961 was icebound in Antarctica. During his involuntary stay, he reportedly developed a close relationship with a penguin.

Dansk Fløde is a Danish do-it-yourself art-rock band, which was founded in March 2003 and involves over a dozen participants. By its own admission, Dansk Fløde works to create positive and energetic art involving interaction with the public.

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