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This is How Hillary's Supporters Will Try to Turn Trump's Life Into Hell

Chief political strategist of the Democrats and avid supporter of Hillary Clinton, David Brock, has announced plans to use his research and communications organization American Bridge as a platform to dig dirt on President-elect Donald Trump.

Radio Sputnik spoke with Professor Robert Guttman, an academic expert in US politics at George Mason University about this initiative and what will it achieve.

According to some reports the organization American Bridge will try and root out fake news and investigate every angle of Trump’s background and potential business conflicts to make his life hell as he prepares to move into the White House.

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The man behind this initiative, David Brock, said that the findings of American Bridge will be passed along privately to the media, to lawmakers on Capitol Hill and even to Trump’s own supporters.

He added that the organization will put “significant resources” behind its effort and expressed hopes that Democrats and like-minded Republicans will join him.

Brock also announced that he has a huge archive of materials on Trump and his agents have already been combing thousands of hours of video in search of any “tricky data.”

Brock believes that the administration which Trump is forming would be the most corrupt since the “Gilded Age” [the last quarter of the XIX century in the United States].

Professor Robert Guttman, an academic expert in US politics, Founder and Director of the Center on Politics & Foreign Relations at George Mason University spoke to Sputnik.

According to Guttman, Brock’s organization is not the only one of its kind. There are others too, but there is also a counter group which is engaged in highlighting the “good” that president-elect is doing.

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One such group is headed by Cillian Conway, campaign manager for Trump, which will inform people about everything positive that Trump is involved in.

“The Clinton’s have a lot of money which they can use to look up things on Trump so there will be groups on both sides. However, I am going to start teaching an intensive course on Trump in January and there is not much they can say that people don’t already know, which is not bizarre about his background,” Guttman said.

The professor further said that it seems like every time something bad is said about Trump his supporters start liking him even more.

“Usually when you find something negative on people it sticks. We used to call Ronald Reagan a Teflon president, now Trump who isn’t president yet, but he is the Teflon president elect,” Guttman said.

He further spoke about Trump and how all the presidents of the US had own agenda. In case of Trump he likes to be in the news, so it’s the publicity which he enjoys, according to the professor.

“Back to this group, they can find all they want on Trump. I just bought a couple of books on Trump and the more you know about him the worse he seems. But it doesn’t seem to bother anybody,” Guttman said.

He further spoke about the opposition groups and the Democratic Party and how they feel dejected right now and will be critical of Trump but it is a “one party system at the moment- which is a Republican Party and they won’t do anything,” the professor added.

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