Resolution on Russian Media Proves 'EU Parliament is Tool of US Administration'

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The European Parliament building in Brussels. (File) - Sputnik International
Potential Serbian presidential candidate Bratislav Jugovic said the European Parliament’s resolution on Russian media proves the institution is a tool of the US administration.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The recent European Parliament’s resolution, which draws parallels between the propaganda of Daesh and Russian media activities, is hypocrisy, Bratislav Jugovic, who is former vice-president of the Movement of Socialists party, said Saturday.

"To equate these media with Daesh propaganda — is hypocrisy, proving that the European Parliament is a tool of the US administration, which is losing an information war to Russia and China on a world-wide basis," Jugovic, who is also a potential candidate at the next Serbian presidential election, said.

He added that any media, which adhered to laws and democracy principles should be respected and supported, but not condemned only because their coverage contradicted the vision of political elites.

Protest against censorship - Sputnik International
'1984': EU Resolution on Russian Media First Step Toward 'Total Censorship'
On Wednesday, the European Parliament voted in favor of a resolution on countering Russian media outlets, such as the Sputnik news agency and the RT broadcaster. Out of 691 lawmakers taking part in the vote, 304 voted in favor of the resolution, 179 voted against it, and 208 abstained. Therefore, less than half of the lawmakers supported the resolution.

The EU parliament's resolution said that Sputnik and RT posed a danger to European unity and called for extra European Commission funding for counter-propaganda projects. It also draws parallel between Russian media and the propaganda disseminated by Daesh, which is outlawed in Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on the matter by pointing out that the document indicates a degradation of democracy in the West. Praising Sputnik and RT for their work, the president expressed hope that real media restrictions would not follow.

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