America's Fake News Problem, Neo-Cons vs. Libertarians

America's Fake News Problem, Neo-Cons vs. Libertarians
Mainstream Media's fake news problem, Trump's foreign policy picks worry libertarians, and a deep look voter manipulation.

On this episode of "By Any Means Necessary" host Eugene Puryear is joined by Daniel McAdams, Executive Director, Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity to talk about the failure of the mainstream media to provide unbiased coverage of this year's Presidential election and its role in elevating Trump to the Presidency. Daniel McAdams also shares his concern over the early picks for key foreign policy positions within a Trump Presidency.

Later in the show host Eugene Puryear is joined by Greg Palast, investigative reporter, whose news-breaking stories appear on BBC Television, The Guardian, Al Jazeera and Rolling Stone Magazine to talk about how voter rolls were cleared by GOP officials in key states leading up to the election and how this would have easily been enough to trip the scales for Trump. Palast also highlights how scary Kris Kobach would be in any position within Trump's cabinet.

Today's monolog includes a major ruling on the illegality of gerrymandering in Wisconsin, Trump's bigoted electorate, and an effort in Texas to ruin the lives of LGBTQ youth.

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