Frenchman to Cross Atlantic on Catamaran Living off Expired Food

© Photo : Dubanchet BaptisteBaptiste Dubanchet
Baptiste Dubanchet - Sputnik International
A young Frenchman intends to cross the Atlantic on a catamaran eating expired products only in order to raise awareness about how much food is wasted.

Baptiste Dubanchet, 28, from Tours in France, sets off from Paris on January 6 cycling his way to the Atlantic coast where he changes his transport to a catamaran to reach, with luck, New York in three months' time. For his entire trip he will be eating only lentils and rice expired in 2008 and 2011 correspondingly, and honey produced in the 1960s in order to demonstrate how much food Europeans waste. 

“When we say ‘expired’ we mean that its time is over. But I want to show that there are products which are never off and never make us sick if we preserve them properly. Expiry dates are useless, they only increase food waste. Honey, lentils, cereals, flour can be eaten decades after its expiration,” Dubanchet told radio “France Bleu.”

The young man got the funding for his project through crowdfunding platforms in the  Internet. He has so far raised 3,000 euros.

It is not the first adventure for Dubanchet. In 2014 he ate from garbage without buying any food on a 3,000 km route across Europe.

“Food waste takes place at the expense of millions of people who are starving,” Dubanchet wrote on his site.

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