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Resist, Agitate, Obstruct: Preparing for Trump & GOP Control

Resist, Agitate, Obstruct: Preparing for Trump & GOP Control
President Obama and Hillary Clinton have congratulated Trump on his victory, but were they too conciliatory toward the controversial political figure.

The two Sams try to bite their tongue, and not say, “I told you so,” upon news that Trump defeated Clinton in an historic election Tuesday night.

Also, Our first post-election People’s Bulletin features crucial economic news. Markets are reacting to Trump’s victorious message against “the rigged system.” Investors think this means high profits for banks, pharmaceutical companies, weapons manufacturers and the Private Prison industry.

And one way to deal with the Trump presidencies is to just get really high. Luckily a lot of states can accommodate that now. We’ve got a run down of ballot measures from Tuesday night, including the ones that legalized pot.

Finally, to tie up other election-related loose ends, we’ll be bringing back The Week’s national correspondent, Ryan Cooper, for a discussion on our future. Spoiler: it’s grim.

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