Health-Giving Apple Baths Gain Popularity in Japan

A hot-spring hotel in Shiso, a city in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan is offering its visitors an unusual opportunity: to enjoy a hot bath with apples.

Guests can feast their eyes on red and green apples drifting in the bathtub and enjoy the sweet aroma floating in the air, the local daily newspaper Kobe Shimbun reports.

The report specifies that the apples in the bath cannot be found in neighboring gardens; they are carefully-selected, high-quality Fuji and Orin apples. Every day the hotel’s staff puts 30-50 such apples in the bathtub.

​An elderly woman, who was very pleased with the bath, spoke to reporters. “I’ve warmed up in hot water and feel just perfect now. And I’ve noticed that my skin has become much smoother after the procedure,” she said.

Apples are not cheap in Japan. They are usually sold individually. One high-quality apple usually costs up to $1.50.

Apple baths aren't just on offer in Shiso. In late autumn, when apple season arrives in Japan, many hot-spring hotels offer this pleasureful and relaxing procedure.

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