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Anti-Muslim Dutch Politician Wilders: Trump Win to Boost Europe’s Far Right

© AP Photo / Phil Nijhuis / Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch Party for Freedom
Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch Party for Freedom - Sputnik International
Dutch far-right lawmaker Geert Wilders has welcomed Donald Trump’s victory and expects that it will serve as an example for Europe.

Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch Party for Freedom - Sputnik International
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Donald Trump's victory is a "revolution" that ought to be copied in Europe, Wilders, leader of the Eurosceptic and anti-immigration Dutch Freedom Party (PVV), told RT.

"Now there is a leader, despite all the negativity spread about him by the political elite and the press, that has only one concern, and that is the national interest of the voters of America who are concerned about immigration, who are concerned about the job loss as a result of globalization, who are concerned about the Islamization of their society. And he tends to say the truth and convince people that if they start moving, anything is possible, and I believe the historical event of yesterday will have an enormous effect on European politics as well," Wilders said in an interview.

"Trump winning proved to me that people are fed up with politically correct politicians who are concerned and involved with issues that regard themselves but not those that are important to the public," he said in another interview.

Other Dutch political leaders have shared other views on a Donald Trump presidency.

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"This is very, very bad news for the Netherlands and Europe. Trump turned against NATO and no longer wants to give Europe military support as all the previous presidents did since the mid-20th century. In addition, Trump advocated a different course towards Russia in his campaign. Economically this is a major setback. In the short term because of the increasing uncertainty in the world, in the long term because Trump emphatically turns against free trade and that goes very much against the interests of the Netherlands as an export country," said D66 leader Alexander Pechtold.

Leaders of the PvdA, SP and CDA parties agree that a significant gap exists between politicians and the will of the people in Europe, and actions to eliminate this gap must be taken if the Netherlands is to avoid a man like Trump coming to power in their country.

"You saw [this gap] at the Brexit in England, with the Ukraine referendum in the Netherlands and now you see it in America. People want to get rid of it," SP leader Emile Roemer said.

Wilders' Freedom Party (PVV) has gained popularity ahead of the upcoming March 2017 parliamentary election. According to polls, the PVV is in a tight race with current Prime Minister Mark Rutte's Liberals.

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