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Serial Nibbler Nabbed After Eat-and-Run Rampage Through Norway

A 44-year-old Norwegian man who has wined and dined without paying in eateries throughout eastern Norway has finally been arrested by police. Now the scourge of Norway's restaurants will have to limit himself to three free meals a day in prison.

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Previously, the Romerike native with a big appetite for fine dining had been convicted a number of times for ordering food an alcohol in restaurants without paying. After having been barred from all eateries in Skedsmo, Ullensaken and Eidsvold, the serial eater moved on to Buskerud, where he left behind nothing but empty bottles and dirty plates in dozens of eateries.

With local law being somewhat forgiving towards fugitive foodies, Buskerud police were unable to obtain a warrant for his arrest.

"As long as he gives his name and address, it is not punishable. It will be up to the restaurants to recover the outlay," Trond Egil Grot of South-Eastern Police District told Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang last week, before denouncing the culprit for having dined and dashed over a hundred times.

The insatiable eater, however, proceeded to other establishments in Romerike, which became his downfall. The 44-year-old glutton was ultimately arrested and charged with five counts of fraud and a breach of the court's restraining order.

"It is true that the new Penal Code of 2005 provided some changes. One cannot be punished for ordering food, as long as you provide your name and address. But once one does not have the funds to supply his or her commitments and still orders food deliberately, we are talking about fraud here," police attorney Rolf Mikalsen of Eastern Police District told Verdens Gang.

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The notorious foodaholic has already an impressive police record, becoming a habitué at Romerike police, who have been arresting him on a regular basis. In August 2015, he was convicted of a number of thefts, after cheesing it with liquor bottles. In addition, he had eaten and drunk at 25 eateries, while also displaying vulgar behavior towards security guards and police officers. The treacherous gourmand was then sentenced to prison for nine months, which became his eighth rap for similar cases.

"The defendant's conduct must be characterized as very troublesome, both for the general public, guards, shop assistants and staff at the eateries he chooses to assault. He is known for acting foul and in a somewhat threatening way," the court wrote in its judgment. "Based on his own explanation, his criminal behavior arises from a lifestyle and certain attitudes rather than his alcohol problem," the court concluded.

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