Syrian Truce: A Moment of Truth in a Five-Year War

Syrian Truce: A Moment Of Truth In A Five-Year War
A new ceasefire agreement on Syria reached by joint Russian-US efforts gave a glimmer of hope to the conflict-stricken nation by forcing all players to make a final choice between war and peace.

The cessation of hostilities was challenged from the very beginning, as terrorist groups and even some so-called ‘rebels’ refused to abide by it, but by and large, it was nevertheless implemented in practice. The deal is shrouded in secrecy so it’s impossible for observers to know exactly what was agreed to, but analysts will likely be able to draw accurate inferences in the next couple of weeks as developments progressively unfold.

As Russia, the US, and their on-the-ground allies slowly but surely halt their fighting, the wildcard in all of this is Turkey, which isn’t publicly party to the agreement… or is it?

Joining us today as our in-studio guest to discuss this is Kirill Koktysh, an associate professor of Political Science at Moscow State University of International Relations (MGIMO). We also have on the line with us Elias Farhat, General Retired, Lebanese Army, strategic researcher (from Beirut) and Afraa Dahger, Syrian political activist.

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