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Isolation, Confinement at Embassy Endangers Mental Health of WikiLeaks’ Assange

© AP Photo / Kirsty WigglesworthWikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange - Sputnik International
Forced to hide in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, Julian Assange’s mental health is at risk, according to medical records posted by WikiLeaks.

Fearing extradition to the United States over his role in revealing government secrets, Assange has spent more than four years in the Ecuadorian embassy. On Thursday, WikiLeaks released medical records showing that its founder’s confinement could be detrimental to his mental wellbeing.

"Mr. Assange’s mental health is highly likely to deteriorate over time if he remains in his current situation," said the report, posted on Twitter.

"It is urgent that his current circumstances are resolved as quickly as possible."

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WikiLeaks released the 27-page report as part of an effort to push US presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to be more transparent about their own medical records, and is based on interviews with Assange and supporting documents.

"His present bedroom is just big enough for a single bed and small cupboard for clothes. There is no room for a chair or desk. The room receives no sunlight," the report reads.

"Inevitably if he can look out of a window, others can see in. Consequently the windows are under tight control. At night, Mr. Assange reports that with care he can see without being observed if internal lights are switched off, but the constant police presence, visible from every angle has been a reminder that he is effectively under siege by the UK authorities."

Assange reportedly goes up to 22 hours without sleeping.

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"Until June 2015, Mr. Assange felt himself to be resilient but significantly degraded…" the report said.

"Since June 2015, however, his physical condition has deteriorated due to limited range of movement, inability to exercise normally and constant pain."

The report concludes that restrictions placed on Assange must be lifted.

"Mr. Assange needs – at bare minimum – access to fresh air, sunlight and exercise space on a daily basis. Mr. Assange has been living under very restrictive conditions for over forty months. The unusual circumstances place Mr. Assange in a precarious situation," WikiLeaks stated.

"The effects of the situation on Mr. Assange’s health and well-being are serious and the risks will most certainly escalate with the potential to becoming life threatening if current conditions persist."

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