Top Guns: Ten Brand New Weapons Russia Unveiled at Army-2016 Military Expo

© Sputnik / Alexey Filippov / Go to the photo bankInternational Military-Technical Forum ARMY 2016
International Military-Technical Forum ARMY 2016 - Sputnik International
More than 11,000 new state-of-the-art Russian and foreign weapons systems were on display during the Army-2016 military-technology expo, which closed up shop outside Moscow on Sunday, the newspaper Izvestia reported.

Following is a list of ten biggest highlights that stole the show  during the high-profile annual military showcase.

Drill glide bomb

This smart bomb is virtually invisible to radar and has a range of over 30 kilometers. Unlike any other such weapon now in use, the 450 kg Drill has no engine, is equipped with heat-seeking and radar-based elements and is immune to radio-electronic countermeasures.

Phlox self-propelled gun

The Phox is a truck-mounted self-propelled artillery system, equipped with a 120mm cannon, which can simultaneously serve as a long-range gun, a howitzer and  a mortar. It has an effective range of between 100 meters and 10 kilometers.

Soratnik trucked robot

Tank T-90MS at the Army 2016 Military Expo - Sputnik International
Army Expo 2016 Showcases Russia's Success at Military Diplomacy
Ordered by the Defense Ministry, this is a tracked armored vehicle fitted with a computerized control system, as well as detection and surveillance equipment, and can carry a variety of weapon mounts. Furthermore, the vehicle can operate in conjunction with other unmanned vehicles, including UAVs.

RPK-16 sniper machinegun

This 5.45mm brainchild of the Kalashnikov Concern with an interchangeable barrel, is the smallest, the most lightweight and accurate such weapon around.

© Sputnik / Evgeny Biyatov / Go to the photo bankA visitor examines the RPK-16 machine of the Kalashnikov concern at the Army 2016 International military and technical forum.
A visitor examines the RPK-16 machine of the Kalashnikov concern at the Army 2016 International military and technical forum. - Sputnik International
A visitor examines the RPK-16 machine of the Kalashnikov concern at the Army 2016 International military and technical forum.

The RPK-16 is equipped with a sniper sight and a barrel silencer and is capable of firing single shots, which is absolutely surprising for the type of a weapon known for strong recoil and meant for firing long bursts. It uses two types of magazines: a 30-round curved magazine and a new 96-round drum.

Gibka-S air defense system

The Gibka-S is a self-propelled anti-aircraft missile system. It consists of launchers based on Tigr wheeled armored vehicle and automated air defense command and control vehicle.

The Gibka-S system uses four Verba infrared-guided man-portable air defense system and ensures simultaneous control of six armored vehicles or four antiaircraft bateries.

Uran-9 combat robot

The latest in a long line of military robots made in Russia, the Uran-9 unmanned ground combat vehicle is loaded with 30mm cannon that fires 350 to 400 rounds per minute, a coaxial 7.62mm machine gun and a battery of Ataka supersonic guided missiles.

© Photo : RosoboronexportUran-9 robotic system
Uran-9 robotic system - Sputnik International
Uran-9 robotic system

Five Uran-9 robotic tanks will be supplied to the Russian Armed Forces before the end of 2016.

Vikhr combat reconnaissance system

Russia’s new Vikhr (Whirlwind) unmanned combat ground vehicle, unveiled during the Army 2016 expo, is based on the BMP-3 infantry fighter vehicle. It is armed with a 30mm automatic gun, a 7.62mm machinegun and Kornet guided antitank missiles.

Tigr unmanned armored vehicle with a 30mm gun

In another first, Russia unveiled a remotely-operated Tigr  armored vehicle armed with a 30mm automatic cannon.

BT-3F amphibious armored vehicle

The BT-3F’s armor offers effective protection against heavy machinegun fire from a distance of 200 meters. It can carry up to 12 soldiers and is equipped with an infrared imager with a laser rangefinder.

Mi-8AMTSh-VA Arctic-ready helicopter

Mi-8AMTSh-VA is an adapted version of the Mi-8AMTSh helicopter designed to operate in temperatures as low as —40˚C and fly up to 1,300km using auxiliary fuel tanks.

© Photo : Russian НelicoptersMi-8AMTSh-VA helicopter
Mi-8AMTSh-VA helicopter - Sputnik International
Mi-8AMTSh-VA helicopter
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