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One Bad Apple Spoils the Whole Barrel: Sweden Turns on Polish Fruit

Swedes rejected 19 tons of Polish apples set out in supermarkets due to chemical content sprayed onto the fruits that was eight times higher than permissible rates. The Swedish National Food Agency immediately reported the incident to the European Commission.

Apples are packed in a Polish fruit factory Rajpol in Wola Leczyszycka - Sputnik International
Polish Apples Up for Grabs Amid Russian Food Ban
After Poland joined economic sanctions imposed by the West against Russia, it lost a capacious and promising market for its horticultural production, including apples.

Replacements for the Russian market have been found from Africa to Asia, according to Polish authorities. However, product manufacturers and sellers know very well that entry into new markets and building a reputation as an honest supplier are not done overnight.

"Losing some markets and finding the other ones is hard, but it is harder to hold onto them," Chief Editor of Russian newspaper Finansovaya Gazeta Nikolai Vardul told Sputnik Polska in an interview.

"Poland is good at growing apples. The incident with Polish apples in Sweden just shows that the competition for the goods markets is quite serious," the expert said.

The case with Polish apples is not a singular example, Vardul explained.

"I can cite a similar example. Recently, Kazakhstan refused to buy Ukrainian wheat. And this was despite the fact that Ukraine is the world-recognized breadbasket! It could be said that there was something to do with politics and Kazakhstan being a Russian ally. But in the case with Polish apples the complaint was made by the Swedes, who are by no means allies of Russia," he said, adding that this means that market competition is very intense.

"I think that Poland will solve this problem. Although, I feel sorry that they have lost the Russian market. However, that's a pity for us, too, because the beautiful and juicy Polish apples had always been in a great demand among Russians," the expert said.

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