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Owner of the ‘Cat Who Adopted a Monkey’ Reveals How They Live Together

After squirrel monkey Fyodor was rejected by his mother Russian cat Rosinka adopted the little primate in the Siberian city of Tyumen.

The director of the zoo had no other choice as to take the baby monkey home.

“Two families of squirrel monkeys live in our Tyumen zoo. They are so adorable, perky and cheerful. In total, we have two females and a male. Both got pregnant at the same time, a gave birth nearly on the same day. But the second monkey abandoned her baby, and you know – when a monkey does that, there is no chance it will take the baby back. Maybe, she had a nervous breakdown or some hormonal changes. I don’t know. But the baby monkey was left on its own,” explained Tatyana Antropova, the director of the Tyumen zoo and the owner of the cat.

However, Tatyana faced a problem. To keep the little primate alive, it is necessary to maintain constant body temperature of 38-39 degrees.

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The woman thought of an absolutely random idea – to place the monkey on her 16-year-old cat’s back.

To Tatyana’s surprise, the adult cat Rosinka was very tolerant of Fyodor and let him hang on her back for warmth. Both enjoy each other’s company.

“Rosinka took it all positive, and even know she carries the baby on her back. Of course, she cannot take care of him as kittens have different behavior to primates,” said Antropova.

According to the woman, the cat is too old for being a day and night “baby sitter” as she is not used to it. But without the cat’s help, Tatyana would not be able to keep the primate alive. Rosinka maintains the monkey’s constant body temperature and lets him hold on to her. For Fyodor it is very important.

Meanwhile, Fyodor is healthy and is in good state. He began to explore on his own, climbing off of his “mother’s” back. When the baby monkey will get a little bit older, the primate will return back to the zoo and will live with other squirrel monkeys.

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