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Dark Days: Can These Brave MEPs Save European Civilization?

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Torn EU flag - Sputnik International
As the vanguard of Europe’s new patriots, leading MEPs now have an inspiring blueprint for a brave new Europe.

A groundbreaking policy document known simply as ‘Beyond Brussels’ has mapped out an elegantly succinct vision of a Europe that may one day arise from the rubble of the EU and its doomed multicultural hegemony.  Edited and part authored by Janice Atkinson, the UK’s only independent MEP, the discussion paper features a host of contributing articles from high-profile delegates to Strasbourg in the Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) parliamentary bloc- including Marine Le Pen.  Arguably the clearest vision yet of a Europe unchained from the diktats of a would-be EU superstate that is fast unraveling, the document states a compelling case for the restoration of sovereign democracy across the continent.

On Globalism, in ‘Beyond Brussels,’ Marine Le Pen has written:

"We refuse to have tryptic Globalisation and European Union mega-regions concocted by the globalists’ spheres. We are conducting with even more force and conviction our fight in order to assist this moment of a European Spring of the Peoples. The Spring Revolt Against Brussels. A Spring of Nations equal to that of 1848, which saw the affirmation of nationality, as were the ones that brought down the Berlin Wall and then the Soviet Union. Because, as stated by the French political scientist Jean-Baptiste Duroselle, “any empire will perish.” The European Union is now the most illegitimate of the empires, the insipid Junker-Merkel duo, standing in the shadows of the charisma and genius of Alexander the Great, Caesar, Napoleon and Charles V…"

Sneering at the People’s Will

George Soros’ Open Society Foundation has funded mass efforts aimed at ‘fighting back’ against those sovereign democrat parties who have contributed their thoughts to ‘Beyond Brussels.’ Maligned by an orchestrated barrage of disinformation, the EFN’s bold vision on EU withdrawal referenda will stir fierce debate with ‘Beyond Brussels’ drawing upon ideas presented by the FN, Italy’s Lega Nord, the Czech Freedom and Direct Democracy Party, Flemish Interest, Romania’s Forţa Naţională, and the Freedom Party of Austria.

Despite representing tens of millions of EU citizens anxious for a peaceful transition back to national self governance, the recently published Open Society Foundation’s internal communications, as exposed by the DC Leaks site, prove conclusively that euroskeptic political parties have been subject to sustained elitist treachery: hacked Soros emails include a sneaky request for $500,000 to counter euroskeptics in the name of sabotaging parties like the FN and the Freedom Party of Austria who share, according to Soros’ agents, Russia’s ‘traditional family values.’

Other hacks amid the documentation dump include Soros communications sent between 2008-2016 that prove beyond doubt how the Open Society Foundation has manipulated European perceptions on Ukraine and is aiming to build a pro-EU fifth column to dominate Ukrainian civil society.

Only one sordid aspect of the DC Leaks revelations

In the West, the Open Society Foundation runs an elitist pressure body called the International Migration Initiative (IMI) that colludes with the UN’s Peter Sutherland to radicalize migration policies. Soros uses the migration crisis to ply subversive NGOs with funds, spends millions on promoting pro-migrant propaganda including with the BBC, and directly funds radical leftist causes linked to violent extremism.

But what does Soros actually want?

Russian President Vladimir Putin gives a speech during an awards ceremony for Russia's Olympians in Moscow's Kremlin in Moscow, Russia - Sputnik International
Leaked Memos Show George Soros Plotted to Oust Putin, Destabilize Russia
When you trawl through the 2576 files exploded by the American hacktivists at DC Leaks what becomes startlingly clear is that the incendiary leftist discourse that claims truth is a hate crime is tightly controlled by the globalist elite to the extent that a de facto war has been declared upon not just euroskeptics- but entire peoples now languishing under the sclerotic EU. In practical terms, by a fusion of the new McCarthyism and political correctness- the ideological formulation for serious repression now exists.  For Soros and his caste of globalists, this creates an EU that is fit for purpose- a federal state capable of exporting its brand of multicultural eurosocialist colored revolution into the post-Soviet-space, and, eventually, Russia itself.

Russian cruiser Moskva of the Black Fleet at a port in Sevastopol - Sputnik International
West’s Most Serious Mistakes in Its Relationship With Russia
These outcomes are so radical, Europeans will only ever accept them within the context of a full blown crisis. In short, the globalists need their version of the social catastrophes of 1905 and 1917 to achieve their end goals. This is the school of thought from which both eurosocialism and neoconservatism emerged. Yet as Russia’s nuclear arsenal and its resilient leadership preclude any offensive action other than the glacial creation of a fifth column and the secret arming of Ukrainian militias, the last path to the shattering of European society, bar the now unlikely possibility of famine or plague, is the migrant deluge.      

We have already seen how from leftist street-mobs to the debating chamber of the European Parliament, attacks on EU refuseniks have become more hateful as the elites’ smugness in the machinery of repression has increased and the entirely contrived migrant crisis delivers a moral right to go as far as needed in entirely suppressing peaceful democratic dissent. Even Ankara’s crackdown after the botched Turkish coup won’t dissuade the EU’s elites from opening the flood gates when, after all, the aim is to provoke a crisis not only with Russia abroad- but at home through the rampage of migrant criminality.   

And yet there is hope: Free Europeans have formed patriotic parties and are close to achieving significant power in both France and Austria. UKIP is now the undisputed third force of British politics and Brexit has shown that even the most demoralized populations refuse to surrender their borders and identity. In the European Parliament itself, that bastion of eurosocialist vandalism, the ENF has 39 redoubtable MEPs dedicated to turning the tide. For her part, it was only Janice Atkinson’s timely intervention that allowed the ENF to form back in 2015 and she has recently called for all patriotic parties in the European Parliament to unite into a single resistance force. All of this of course makes ‘Beyond Brussels’ required reading for anyone who might think that European civilization and the wisdom that goes with it are worth saving for future generations.

Beyond Brussels’ enunciates a clear theory of peaceful European cooperation based on vigorous democracy, restored sovereignty, the preservation of identity, respect for cultural and social spheres, and individual freedom: these are in fact the core principles of the ENF’s founding charter of 2014 and may prove critical to the preservation of stability in Europe because they bridge the chasm between Europeans and Russians by virtue of their close ideological proximity to the centrist mandate of the United Russia Party.

This is not then the lurid myth of narrow-minded nationalist xenophobes, but, quite possibly, an olive branch to the Russian Federation that stands in sharp contrast to the EU’s meddling that has left all but 10,000 dead in Ukraine and the rest of us on the cusp of a new cold war. Yet the possibility of European social cohesion at home and de-escalation in the East seems to be a prospect globalists and their eurocrat proxies despise and one they are prepared to covertly offer all but infinite largesse to undermine.  As the EU attempts to expand into the post-Soviet-sphere, a trend that will surely lead to absolute disaster, there is a counter narrative that suggests an entirely alternate vision of cooperation with Russia based on our common cultural heritage, joint desire for national self determination, and shared commitment to social order.

Ultimately, it’s the thoroughly robust centrism of the United Russia Party (Еди́ная Росси́я) that offers euroskeptics a shared basis for resisting the kind of social polarization globalists absolutely rely on to achieve their nefarious aims. Division and anarchy can only be defeated by resisting the grasping tentacles of extremism in all their hideous strands: religious separatism, racism, fascism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, class warfare, Cultural Marxism, as well as their slick eurosocialist enablers.      

Cheap moralizing aside, far from being ‘racists’ and ‘bigots’ as dehumanized by radical liberal discourse and the paid globalist stooges of the hard left, euroskeptics in parties like the FN and UKIP are then vital to countering instability:

At home they ruthlessly derail avowedly fascist parties while rescuing the working classes from the deplorable self pity of socialism and the insidious threat of violent Trotskyite cults. They alone care enough to protect religious minorities from the cancer of radicalization bred in the incubator of multiculturalism.

Equally, on an international level, euroskeptics struggle to build balanced relations with Russia where EU expansionism is wholly reversed and liberal interventionist wars muzzled. Once the Damascene conversion of those duped by years of leftist agitation and Europhile propaganda is complete, the decommissioning of the EU can only be seen as a peace project.   

Peak Fear

Mass migration, class division, political correctness, permanent tension with Russia- all are vile eurocrat tactics to impose an EU now given to a bloody-minded disregard of even a basic sense of respect for Europeans. Yet the New Patriot Movement constitutes a road map for the EU’s captives to trace a path out of the dark tunnels of fear that weave beneath the EU’s decaying edifice and its banal slogans of diversity and tolerance.

So let’s be crystal clear: when Geert Wilders called for NEDXIT and an urgent restoration of Dutch relations with Russia in Izvestia on 19th August 2016- he sent a jolt to the EU’s nerve centre; eurocrats can almost see the first flames taking hold, crackling to life as they consume plans for EU federalism cemented through population replacement and the now scorching pincers of political correctness.

Their response will be to pour millions of dollars into demonizing euroskeptic parties as the entire globalist apparatus cranks up to high heat. The mobilization of violent Marxist agitators, open border extremists, Neo-Nazi anarchists, mass eurosocialist propaganda, and hordes of bleating liberal journalists are all about to be unleashed.

And then comes the scaremongering against Russia.

For an EU in abject crisis and a selfish globalist elite exposed for what it really is, the only option left is to cynically plunge Europe into the fractured mayhem of endemic religious and social conflict.

They want more migrants — as many as they can get

It’s the only way to fully resurrect eurocommunism, a bankrupt ideology that seeks to enforce environmentalism, LGBT, open borders, and population replacement with totalitarian methods and which died a slow death in the 1970s only to lie dormant for young Trotskyites like Mogherini to come of age with their hands glued to the levers of power. 

A crane transports a cross to be placed on one of the domes of the future Russian orthodox cathedral Sainte-Trinite at the Quai Branly, near the Eiffel Tower, central Paris, on March 19, 2016. - Sputnik International
Elites vs the People: Ordinary Europeans' Attitudes to Russia are Changing
They have calculated that this will set off a chain reaction where the elites will not just remain on top- but will use the resultant emergency to accrue unheard of authority. It’s the EU as a theory of revolution- a natural outcome of the Trotskyite thinking that unites billionaires like Soros with rabid white Marxist agitators prowling the Calais ‘Jungle’ in search of young men of fighting age.  But what does ‘Beyond Brussels’ predict concerning this potentially extraordinarily bloody descent into the abyss? The following are selected extracts from a document that has not only foreseen the entire synthesized calamity about to engulf us- but pulls no punches in urging hitherto servile Europeans to wake up before they are overwhelmed by a matrix of interlocking forces that they will be not only unable to resist- but be barely able to even comprehend.  

Marcel De Graaf MEP of the Netherlands Freedom Party stated:

"Based on false grounds of unification and peace among peoples, a dictatorial monster is being put in place. A monster that strips proud peoples of their identity, to make way for a dispirited and helpless mass. In fact, an endeavour that we know from Communist times. It is therefore not surprising that the EU is often referred to by critics as the EUSSR super state. It´s a horror against which we must rise in the interest of our children and grandchildren. Through outright lies and sheer intimidation, the European population has been deceived and manipulated towards political union for decades. Threatening that without the EU and the Euro, war, hell, and damnation await us, have always been standard responses to anyone critical on the Euro and the EU".

Tomio Okamura, MEP of the Czech Svoboda a Přímá Demokracie, has written: "From the original idea of a voluntary union of European nations it has become a totalitarian empire, in which the sovereign states eventually disappear. In other words — the EU has moved away from a free model as propagated by George of Poděbrady towards Hitler’s totalitarian form".

On identity, Harald Vilimsky MEP of the Freedom Party of Austria has stated: "The future generations are entitled to experience a Europe of nations, a Europe of economic wealth, a Europe of cultural diversity and a Europe of member states that are proud of their differences and act on intimate terms with each other. The trend of a rising patriotism in Europe will continue. Europe is on the verge of a revolution. The European Union will continue working as a catalyst for patriotic parties to become successful. In 2019 the revolution will face a preliminary summit and it will be our commitment to bring back identity, honest democracy and sovereignty to our nations".  

In response to the EU’s catastrophic migration policies, Janice Atkinson, the Independent MEP for South East England wrote:

"Current migration levels have a devastating impact on our social system, our schools, housing, and healthcare. For every 100 migrants employed in the UK, 23 Britons lose their jobs. Migrant women have more children — 2.28 — each compared to 1.89 for UK-born women. The demand for primary school places for migrant children has thus skyrocketed over the last decade. House prices have been driven up because of the steep increase in demand, caused by a net migration influx of over 130,000 per year. Our society cannot handle this, our lives and wellbeing and that of our families suffer as a result".

Addressing the idea of a Europe beyond the EU, Matteo Salvini MEP of Italy’s Lega Nord explained: "The European spirit, a heritage of centuries of history and civilization that unites the European States while respecting and recognizing their peculiarities, is something more than a bunch of directives and treaties signed in some grey palace in Brussels. I am sure that, thanks to this common heritage, European Nations shall be able to trust each other and work together without need to cease their sovereignty to a third entity that imposes its decisions over them".  

Referring to the EU’s inevitable liquidation, Gerolf Annemans MEP of Flemish Interest wrote:

"Europe is knotted together as a cultural entity, which may form the base on which to build a modern form of cooperative connections, bypassing state borders. We do not want to return to Europe of the early 20th century and the demons of the past. But the excesses of the EU-machinery at the beginning of the 21st century should be brought to an end peacefully, in the interest of Europe and of the peoples of Europe".

Astoundingly, and against fearsome odds, somehow the peoples of Europe have produced a valiant clutch of leaders who see with absolute clarity what needs to be done. It is time for those who wish to step forward in the defence of Europe to break their silence with a firm and righteous belief in our shared destiny with Russia. Our heroic ancestors would have done nothing less.

The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Sputnik.

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