No Apology: Biden Visit Proves Serbia a US Vassal State

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US Vice President Joe Biden - Sputnik International
US Vice President Joe Biden visited Serbia this week, where he was greeted by protesters crowding the streets of Belgrade, the city Biden was a leading advocate of bombing in 1999.

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On Friday activists will erect a monument in Novi Sad to commemorate the victims of bombing raids carried out by NATO forces on the former Yugoslavia. Some 28,000 bombs and missiles were dropped on the country within three months, inflicting damage that can be still seen today.

Human rights attorney Christopher Black told Radio Sputnik's Brian Becker during a Loud & Clear broadcast that it is outrageous how there is no accountability for people like former US President Bill Clinton, who ordered the bombing of the republic. Meanwhile, Slobodan Milosevic, the former leader of Yugoslavia, was brought to trial and died in jail before it could be concluded.

​Black, who had been at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) defending people like Milosevic, claims that the Serbian ex-president "proved during the trial that all the charges against him were false," and that the whole NATO-funded tribunal set up for a particular set of circumstances.

"The whole purpose of the ICTY in my mind is threefold," he said. "It's to demonize the former government of Yugoslavia and make it look like they're a bunch of criminals. It's to justify the attack on Yugoslavia by presenting a false history of events during that time, which is all false propaganda. And thirdly, it covers up the role of NATO and their crime."

According to Black, the Yugoslavian government surrendered in June 1999 after it received a message from the US that, "unless you surrender, the Americans intend to carpet bomb Belgrade," killing some 500,000 people. The capitulation was based solely on the desire to end the killings.

"Bill Clinton was responsible for this aggression against the European state…Massive destruction was caused, thousands of people were killed, tens of thousands wounded. Yugoslavia disappeared; one of the founding members of the non-aligned movement was just crushed."

And now the wife of Bill Clinton, who is "responsible for one of the greatest war crimes of the 20th century" is the Democratic candidate for this year's presidential elections in the US, Black noted.

"That's how evil these people are. So Bill Clinton is one of the most evil people on the planet, and his wife knew all about that I'm sure," he said. "We have the choice in the United States, of a clown like Trump or criminals like the Clintons."

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Yugoslavia didn't just break up as a state, it was destroyed economically, with people losing any sense of national pride, Black said. And Joe Biden's recent visit to Serbia only proves that the country today is just a puppet of the US and "a shell of what it used to be."

Black called attention to Biden's refusal to salute the Serbian flag during the welcoming ceremony, and his mention of Croatia, instead of Serbia, in his speech, as well as other events, including the renaming of a street in Kosovo after Joe Biden's late son, and Biden's dictates to the president of Kosovo regarding agreements the former wants to be signed.

"They are all puppet vassal regimes put in place by the Americans, the Germans and the British," he said. "It seems that the spirit in the Serbian people is being totally crushed except for a few small pockets of patriotic resistance."

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