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The Future is Now! Chinese Scientists Pioneer Human Gene Editing

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Later this month a team of Chinese geneticists is going to use the so-called “genome editing” technique to treat people suffering from lung cancer, Nature wrote.

CIA Director nominee John Brennan testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington. File photo - Sputnik International
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The technique finds and replaces parts of DNA which suppress cellular immunity. This is done using an enzyme named Cas9.

The experiment by a team of researchers at West China hospital in Chengdu, China, will be the first ever attempt to apply the revolutionary gene-editing method known as Crispr on humans.

The CRISPR–Cas9 technique changes a patient’s T-cells by altering both copies of a gene that undermines the T-cells’ ability to recognize and attack cancerous cells thus increasing the human body’s immunity to the deadly disease.

With the editing process complete the modified cells will be multiplied and reintroduced into a patient’s system to better spot and destroy cancerous cells.

Many wonder if people could receive certain genes to make them good in sports or other areas, however scientists believe that this is highly unlikely.

Interestingly, among the tens of thousands of human genes, the ones that can determine one’s eye color, height, predisposition to alcoholism or musical ear are all but nonexistent.

Moreover, the effect of the environment on the development of any of our physical or mental properties is too big to ignore.

A toddler who is genetically predisposed to growing 2 meters tall can wind up growing to something short of a midget all because of malnutrition, adverse living conditions and poor health.

And, finally, we should not discard things like chance and the unpredictability of our life, which make it fun and can encourage or hold back whatever talents Mother Nature may have in store for us.

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