John Kerry in Moscow: Will He Win Putin’s Ear?

John Kerry in Moscow: Will He Win Putin’s Ear?
Secretary of State John Kerry made his fourth trip to Russia since last May in a final effort to agree on the basic terms and conditions of the Great Powers’ military cooperation against Daesh and al Nusra to end the five-year dispute over the future of President Bashar Assad.

Both subjects have long been a bone of contention between the two sides, but they finally seem to be moving towards some sort of strategic convergence on each of them.

As a result of the Putin-Kerry meeting, sources said that both sides were now working on a Joint Implementation Group. If created, this mechanism would remove a major roadblock to their cooperation in the War on Terror.

The surprise Russian-Turkish détente seems to have changed the US’ calculation since Washington is unsure if it can still reliably depend upon Ankara to do its regional bidding, and with Prime Minister Yildirim signaling his country’s willingness to normalize ties with Damascus, Washington might finally be running out of options in its regime change crusade against Syria.

To discuss this topic we were joined by Anton Fedyashin, Professor of History at the American University in Washington DC (studio guest); and Max Suchkov, member of the Russian International Affairs Council and a columnist at Al-Monitor.

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