Japan Reveals Bizarre Chart Measuring Breasts in Chipmunks, Polar Bears

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A Japanese undergarments firm has unveiled a peculiar chart revealing which animals weigh the same as female customers’ breasts.

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Initially, the purpose of the chart was to determine the weight of each average breast size, to determine the load experienced by a woman’s back. But then it unexpectedly turned into something completely bizarre.

The US lingerie brand Genie's Japanese division decided to use cartoons of creatures including chipmunks and rabbits alongside pictures of women with different bra sizes to help customers make the right choice.

​A-Cups at about 236 grams are apparently as heavy as a pair of chipmunks, a pair of B-Cup breasts weigh about 447 grams – allegedly the same as five cockatiels.

C-Cups at approx. 531 grams weigh the same as a newborn polar bear, D-Cups, meanwhile, are seen as being the equivalent of one Wigeon duck at 758 grams, while E-Cups are compared to a rabbit, weighing in at 1,006 grams.

F-Cup breasts weigh roughly 1,180 grams, similar to the weight of a young Persian kitten.

If after all these animal comparisons one still does not feel like an expert in the “breasts department” there is also a Japanese method using a second chart — pancakes.

Each cup size is determined by taking the weight of a customer's breasts then mixing the equivalent weight in water with pancake mix.

For an A-cup, the company says, the mixture would make 11 pancakes while the weight of D-cups would be enough to make 25 pancakes.

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