'Exits-Parade': How the Next EU Referendums Might Be Called

© Sputnik / Alexey Filippov / Go to the photo bankCounting votes in the UK referendum on EU membership, in Manchester
Counting votes in the UK referendum on EU membership, in Manchester - Sputnik International
The victory of Eurosceptics in the British referendum on the country's withdrawal from the EU has inspired supporters of disintegration all across Europe.

Everyone's wondering: Who will be next? And of course the next issue that raises curiosity is how all these processes might be potentially called.

From Grexit to Brexit

The term Brexit comes from the combination of the words Britain + exit and refers to the recent decision of the UK to come out of the European Union. Its "predecessor" which has also proved extremely popular among social media users was Grexit (Greece + exit).

The term was invented by bank analysts to refer to Greece's possible withdrawal from the euro zone in the midst of their economic crisis. The possibility of Grexit also exists today, since there are still differences between the Greek government and its creditors.


France's possible withdrawal from the European Union, which is being promoted by the leader of the National Front, Marine Le Pen, could go down in history as Frexit. Her niece Marion, the deputy of the French parliament, has already used that term in her Twitter.

"From Brexit to Frexit: now it is time to bring democracy to our country. French people must have the right to choose!" she posted on her Twitter.


Some Italian parties also call for their country's withdrawal from the Union. For instance, the Italian party Lega Nord has already started collecting signatures for a referendum on the issue.

Hashtag UscIta (from Italian uscita "exit" + Italia, "Italy") has become very popular in social networks.

"In case of the Italian Brexit I offer a hashtag for Salvini [leader of the party Lega Nord] and his team: #UscIta," a Twitter user wrote.


Dutch Eurosceptics are also considering the possibility of leaving the EU. "Now it's our turn," leader of the Dutch Freedom Party Geert Wilders said. The name of the potential process is Nexit.

"And the Netherlands will be next! #nexit", Wilders wrote on Twitter.


The possible withdrawal of Sweden advocated by the Swedish Democrats might be called Swexit.

"Congratulations to the British people, who have chosen independence! Now we are waiting for #swexit!" a member of the party wrote on Twitter.


Last year, a petition to withdraw from the EU gained 260,000 signatures in Austria. Leader of the Austrian Eurosceptics Norbert Hofer warned that if the EU doesn't carry out reforms, the country might organize its own referendum, following Britain's example.

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