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Exotic Destinations: Five Most Secluded Islands in the World

There are islands in the world which are so tough to reach that they are almost completely tourist free. They possess a magic which makes the journey to reach them completely worth it. These exotic locations are so far away from any human civilizations that it makes one feel closer to nature than ever before. Below is a list of five such islands.

Tristan da Cunha

Tristan da Cunha, is the name of both a remote group of volcanic islands in the south Atlantic Ocean and the main island of the group, which belongs to Great Britain.

The remote inhabited archipelago is some 2,816 kilometers from the nearest continental land, South Africa.

The island has been mentioned twice in the novels of Jules Verne. “In Search of the Castaways” and “Dick Sand, A Captain at Fifteen,” so if as a child you dreamed of adventures, you may now be old enough to look for adventures during your next vacation of 28 days.

To reach the remote island one must sail from Cape Town on a cargo ship or a fishing vessel.

Upon arrival to the stunning island the traveler will see a round volcanic island, Edinburgh capital, the city of the Seven Seas, scientific bases and weather stations. There are vast fields, orchards, grazing sheep, and if one arrives in the right season it is possible to see seals and penguins.

The local population consisted of 267 people in 2008.


Svalbard is a Norwegian archipelago between mainland Norway and the North Pole. It is one of the world’s northernmost inhabited areas and it is a perfect retreat for those who want to holiday away from civilization.

The archipelago is known for its rugged, remote terrain of glaciers and frozen tundra sheltering polar bears, reindeer and Arctic foxes. In winter the place turns magical due to the Northern Lights.

© Sputnik / Alexander Kovalev / Go to the photo bankHouses in the Norwegian town of Longyearbyen on the island of West Spitsbergen (Spitsbergen)
Houses in the Norwegian town of Longyearbyen on the island of West Spitsbergen (Spitsbergen) - Sputnik International
Houses in the Norwegian town of Longyearbyen on the island of West Spitsbergen (Spitsbergen)

Getting to Svalbard is easiest from Norway as there are regular flights from Oslo and Tromso to the archipelago.


Haʻapai is a group of 62 islands in the Pacific Ocean, 45 of which are uninhabited. Pangai is the administrative capital village of the Haʻapai group of islands and is located on Lifuka in the central part of the Kingdom of Tonga.

In the XVIII century, on some of these islands, world famous English explorer James Cook once stayed. He was nearly eaten by the locals, after which he named it the Islands of Friendship.

The tradition to eat visitors has since been long lost on the Islands and now tourists can come here without fear!

Travelers can go for scuba diving, enjoy fishing, sun tan on beautiful white sand and photograph or eat crabs. To get to the islands one must take a plane from Australia, New Zealand or Fiji.


Samsø is a Danish island in the Kattegat 15 kilometers off the Jutland Peninsula. It is located in Samsø municipality. It is a perfect retreat for those who are worried about the environment. The residents of the island try to live as close to nature as possible.

They use alternative means of energy such as wind and solar. Due to pristine environment, visitors of Samsø are allowed to eat local apples, potatoes and strawberries as much as they want to.

One can arrive to the island by taking a ferry either from Hove, Jutland or from Zealand, Kalundborg.


Bugala Island is the second largest island in Lake Victoria, Uganda, after Ukerewe Island. It is a part of the Ssese Islands in the Kalangala District.

To arrive to the island located in the middle of Lake Victoria, one must fly to Uganda and then travel from Kampala, the capital, to the largest island of a small lake archipelago.

The population of Kalangala is around three thousand people, but be prepared to meet with a few tourists as the L-shaped strip of land in the middle of the giant island has many hotels where people come to relax in the most exotic manner.

The island is full of striking birds, landscapes and magical sand where one can lay watching the African sunset.

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