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Move Over Siri, Say Hello to Danielle

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Tech giant Google has created a new imaginary friend, Danielle, to enter the world of "chat bots" as they are becoming the latest buzzword in Silicon Valley.

A recent video clip posted by Singularity Videos revealed Google's engineering director Ray Kurzweil declaring Google's new chat bot will be called "Danielle" and will be able to interact with users with voice recognition software and text messages.

According to Silicon Beat, virtual chat bots will "do everything from ordering the perfect pair of shoes to comforting us in times of trial. We will interact with these bots via voice and by text, and their artificial intelligence and comprehensive knowledge about everything we do will give them the power to know us better than we know ourselves."

Facebook director Mark Zuckerberg has also announced plans to bots at the heart of his ten year plan.

"We think you should be able to message a business like you would message a friend," Mark Zukerberg said, as reported in Top Tech News.

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#Pornbots: The Latest Money-Making Social Media Scam

Bad Bots & Chat Bots

Bad bots became headlines recently after more than 2,500 Twitter accounts were hacked by so-called pornbots.

And after revelations chat bots, not people, took to Twitter to post fake praise for US Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

But not all bots are bad, Peter Jones, technical director at Dynamic told Sputnik adding, "We have always had various types of bots on the internet, most of them providing very useful analytical information.

"Quantity or Quality"

"The problem with social media is the time required to filter out the bad profiles, most users won't be bothered to actively block and report spam bots," Jones told Sputnik.

"It may look great having a large number of followers but is it a quality audience you are seeking or just big numbers?" Jones asks, while predicting that bots will increasingly provide "pots of information" but doubts that they will affect individuals or others, "unless they are a high profile account where they are being altered by some malicious user to view a radical or abusive opinion."

Jones also suggests that with the infiltration of the internet by bots, users should keep their profiles clean. "It's is an education process to make the user more proactive in keep their profiles as clean as possible."

By 2029 chat bots will be "indistinguishable from human intelligence," according to Google's engineering director Ray Kurzweil, as he welcomed Danielle into the world of chat bots.  

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