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Nicht Gut: New BMW Patrol Car Too Small for German Cops

After six months of testing, the new BMW cars provided for the police in Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia state proved unfit for duty after an internal examination found 25 flaws in the BMW 3 Series, Focus Online news portal reported.

"The BMW is completely unsuitable for patrol duty," concluded the internal report on the 150hp BMW 318d, adding that the number of defects found in the car was more than expected.

Officers anonymously complained that the car is too small for those wearing protective gear. The trunk is equally poky, forcing officers to pile their equipment on the back seat, which leaves no space for someone they happen to detain.

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Sitting in the front passenger seat often resulted in bruises and chafed knees because of the misplaced radio and door handle. Moreover, safety belts cannot be height adjusted, interfering with the officers’ firearms.

Lighting is also a problem with the head lights automatically going off when the car is locked.

Not everything with the BMW 3 is bad though. It boasts a good navigation system and separate climate control for different seats — a welcome feature to many.

The North Rhine-Westphalia state leased 1,845 BMWs last year for around €21 million.
BMW gave no immediately comment on the report, saying only that Bavarian police use the same model and had no complaints whatsoever.

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