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Russian Folk Healer Reveals Secrets to Health and Happiness for Men

Popular Russian folk healer Gennadiy Malakhov offers a uniquely Russian viewpoint on how men can stay healthy and happy in the modern world.

© Photo : YouTube/horsepowerGennadiy Malakhov, popular Russian folk healer.
Gennadiy Malakhov, popular Russian folk healer. - Sputnik International
Gennadiy Malakhov, popular Russian folk healer.
Speaking to independent Russian newspaper Svobodnaya Pressa, Malakhov, a promoter of 'people's medicine' well known in Russia and other Eastern European countries for his non-traditional approach to a medicine and a healthy lifestyle, says that actually, it's pretty simple, so long as one follows a few basic rules.

#1. Exercise

First things first, the tough nut of sixty-two years said, if a person wants to stay in shape, he has to move. This, he noted, can be as simple as taking a brisk 30-40 minute walk, and squeezing a wrist builder along the way to work upper body muscle groups.

"Here, what's most important is not the distance in kilometers, but the time – no less than half an hour. In addition, I have equipped my house with a mini gym, where I juggle kettlebells every other day."

"Alternating work at the computer with physical exercise is an absolute must," Malakhov emphasizes. "The main thing is not to sit at the computer without standing for hours at a time, to engage in physical exercise!"

#2. The Right Diet

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In addition to exercise, the 'people's doctor' advises trying not to overeat, and to eat right. It's important, he says, to eat your vegetables. And don't underestimate the nutritional value of bee products!

"A staple on my desk is so-called bee bread – honey and pollen." 

For breakfast, Malakhov notes, hot cereals such as oatmeal or barley are a necessity. "For lunch, especially during the winter, I always start with wheat germ," which "gives an unparalleled stock of vitamins – live vitamins! I force my whole family to eat it – my sister, wife, son and grandchildren. And I advise you to do the same."

The folk healer also recommends root vegetables, including grated cabbage and carrots, and boiled and steamed vegetables. The most important thing, he says, is natural, healthy food.

At the same time, he points out, it's important not to give in to food manufacturers' tricks in labeling. "In order to reduce the cost of production, and to make food last longer, manufacturers try to cram all sorts of chemicals, and even just starch, into their products. For this reason I often buy from my local market. This is food you can trust."

If one has the chance, Malakhov notes, it's a good idea to have your own garden in your backyard. "In ours we have cherries, apricots, pears and apples. My wife keeps patches with herbs, onions. But you know, nothing compares to the delicious fruit drinks that can be made from fruits and berries. No imported sparkling drinks can compare!"

"Our family eats very little bread. Instead I cook rice. And eggs are another very important product, with native protein. I eat eggs soft-boiled, scrambled or fried. They are essential to any good diet."

#3. The Healing Power of Joy

One of Gennadiy Malakhov's main secrets to health and wellness is joy in life, which for him is brought about, first and foremost, by interesting work.

"I observed long ago the healing power of the feeling of joy," he said. "I get joy from my work. I am interested in my work. I don't consider myself a folk healer, as many call me; I'm involved more in promoting a healthy lifestyle, and in prevention…It's very important when you feel that you are doing something that benefits others, and when this gives you pleasure."

#4. The Importance of Prevention…And Don't Forget About Folk Medicines

Official medicine today, Malakhov notes, is focused almost entirely on providing solutions to health issues after they have already arisen, instead of concentrating on the root cause. This is the wrong approach.

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"I also think that tried and tested folk remedies cannot not be ruled out, especially since many commercial drugs today are created on the basis of medicinal herbs. Medications themselves often give the body a tremendous burden and do not always do what is expected of them."

Therefore, instead of trying to deal with illness after it has arisen, the best solution is prevention. The formula is pretty simple, and includes daily exercise, healthy eating and the right mindset.

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