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Brexit or Fixit: Are We Being Scaremongered About the Economy?

Brexit or Fixit: Are We Being Scaremongered About The Economy?_1
The economy has become the Bremain camp’s main argument. UK citizens have been told that they will be much worse off if the UK leaves the EU. But is this really true?

James McGrory — Chief Media Spokesperson from the UK ‘StrongerIn Campaign’ and Jason White - an International Sales Manager share their points of view in this programme.

Trade with the EU

Jason White advocates that the UK will see a slacking of trade with the EU after Brexit, but this will pick up within “one or two years”. Britain will be able to realign its agricultural and fishing policies to its own advantage. James McGory argues that the EU is our largest trading partner, so why pull ourselves away from it? “We are talking about real people losing real jobs, and there are no guarantees of long term benefits… our trade is already increasing now, as part of the EU with countries like India and China, so I don’t see the advantage of leaving, as we [now] have strength in numbers. The US trade government has categorically said that the US wants to negotiate a trade deal with Europe, not with the UK individually.” Jason replied: “we are the 5th largest country in the world, these countries are still going to want to trade with us.”

Sanctions against Russia

Jason White commented: “Sanctions [against Russia] will probably remain if Brexit happens, because of the links between the UK and the U.S.A. But there will be more of a focus on developing relationships with emerging countries such as Russia, so the UK will have to look at Russia and will be actively seeking out new business relations. There is a massive opportunity for us to have control of our own trade agreements rather than be managed and controlled by Brussels.”

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