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Polish Forester Puts Radars to Shame, 'Sees' Russian Choppers Coming

© Flickr / gerlosSurveillance with Binoculars
Surveillance with Binoculars - Sputnik International
Three Russian helicopters allegedly violated Polish airspace last week straying several kilometers inside the country’s territory, Polish media reported, citing a local forester who claimed to have witnessed it all.

Mi-8 helicopter - Sputnik International
Estonia Accuses Russia of Airspace Violation, Russia Denies Infraction
Gazeta Polska Codziennie wrote about three Russian combat helicopters which “flew over the border separating the region of Warmia and Mazury from Russia’s Kaliningrad region, and strayed several kilometers inside [Polish] territory.”

This was stated by one of the Polish foresters, who witnessed the incident.

"I was just in the forest, when, all of a sudden, I saw three fully armed helicopters buzzing over my head. They moved from the Russian border, skimming the treetops. I could see their identification marks,” the forester told the newspaper.

“I got goosebumps all over! It did not last long, and the helicopters returned to the border," the man added. He also said that moments later he saw Polish Border Guards rushing to the scene.

Polish authorities have not yet confirmed the incident.

With tensions between Russia and the West escalated over the past couple of years, the image of “bad” Russians is quickly returning, fueling deep-seated fears of an “aggressive Russia out to invade Europe.”

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